Friday, September 19, 2008

Locks of Love

I am happy to announce that after 23 LONG months, I finally had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. Yay!

I became inspired to grow out my hair soon after Lucas was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Shortly after he started chemo, his hair thinned and was gone before we knew it. It was hard on him as a grown-up, so I knew losing hair as a child must be even more devastating. I had trouble donating blood and platelets for various reasons, but one thing I can do is GROW HAIR!
My hairdresser said it would take 2 years, and I told her I knew it would be quicker for me because my hair grows fast. She just smiled. I told her today almost 2 years later that I would never doubt her again!

I am glad to have short hair again. Spencer had taken to using my hair as a handle lately, so my head will feel better now. It is amazing how heavy the pony tails were after she cut them. No wonder I have had a headache for months - hee-hee!!

Just in case you are interested in Locks of Love, check out their website at
One inspiring thing I learned from their website is that an estimated 80% of their donations come for children who want to help other children. I hope that my children will be so generous. My friend Hannah Webb is 11, and she has donated her hair twice already. She is my hair growing hero!
Think David will recognize me when he comes home????


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Ella is growing hers out for locks of love too... I think she's almost there!