Monday, April 13, 2009

ketchup - it goes with everything?

I was getting supper ready. It was lasagna. I do not make it that often because it is an all day kind of supper, you know? I cook the sauce in the morning so it can cook all day, then you have to assemble all the layers. Anyway, I was busy in the kitchen getting it all ready. I was also trying to make the salads and make the tea. You know, a crazed time in the kitchen trying to get supper ready. Spencer came in and opened the fridge and got out the ketchup. I watched him and waited to see what his plan was. He walked in to the dining room and put the ketchup on the table. I did not say anything because I figured when he saw what we were having, he would change his mind.

So supper is ready. We all go to sit down and eat. I fixed the kiddos plates first so that the lasagna could cool. And instead of salad, I always give them celery, carrots, and some ranch dressing for dipping. They are not big on lettuce, and I'll do anything to get them to eat some raw veggies, you know?

We all sat down, said the blessing, and were ready to dig in. Spencer reached for the ketchup. I tried to explain to him that ketchup does not really "go" with this supper. He was pretty convinced he wanted the ketchup. I decided, what the heck?! So I helped him put it on his plate, thinking that he would change his mind. I mean, I love ketchup. I even eat it on eggs, but I could not even imagine it with this meal. But, always one to choose my battles, I told myself that it is just sweet tomato sauce, right? And the lasagna was chock full of tomatoes and sauce, right?

Well, my hard-headed, culinary adventurous son dipped each forkful of lasagna into his ketchup. He made yummy noises the whole time. He dipped his carrots and celery into his ketchup, as well. He ate a great supper. Maybe not the way I would have imagined, but like I said, I pick my battles. And ANY time that my babies eat something decent, I put that in the "win" column.

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