Monday, April 27, 2009

My baby brother got married

On April 18, 2009 at Tybee Island, GA, my baby brother Lucas got married. I know he is definitely not a baby anymore, but he will ALWAYS be my baby brother. One time when I was at NGC, he was coming up to help me move (one of the many times). I was busy, so I kept poking my head out to look for him. I was afraid I missed him, so I asked someone, "Have you seen my baby brother?" I was going to elaborate and describe him, but the person I asked panicked because she thought he was a lost baby!!

When we were little, I had friends who had a sister. I thought I wanted one for a while, but then I decided I would rather have Lucas than a sister. We have always been close. And I love to watch Jessa and Spencer because it is like reliving a part of my childhood with Lucas. David and Lucas have also always been close. They are gross and annoying sometimes when they get together, but they are also pretty darn cute, too!

Anyway. The wedding was at the beach. Can you tell?

I was excited to buy cool Hawaiian beach clothes for the kiddos. They looked awesome, and I am not AT ALL biased. I actually got tons of compliments.

Look at my beach babies!!

The whole weekend was fun. Mom and Daddy (although, we all knew who did most of the work, right?) threw one heck of a party, I mean, rehearsal dinner!
Momma and Daddy - it is hard to get a picture of her. . .
She is usually so evasive that she could be in Delta Force!

We so enjoyed having Lucas (and all his buddies) with us while we all got ready.

Daddy pointed out that the GA fans were standing a bit away from the FL fan,
but they still love each other.
One cool groom. . .

Daddy, Lucas, and me before the ceremony.

AND I was so worried the kiddos would be crazy since they LOVE to play at the beach. But they were very nice and quiet. Of course, we did let Spencer play in the sand the whole time. . .

Jessa enjoys the fan that was in her chair while Spencer and insectasaurus played in the sand.
Daddy was a terrific best man and even made an excellent toast.

I will share a few funnies. . .
When Lucas and Candice headed to Tybee, they forgot the CD player for the wedding music. SO, they bought a cheapo one at Wal-Mart. They changed the batteries 2 times, but when it was almost "go time," it would not work. So my awesome D took off on a quick mission to retrieve 6 new "C" batteries. He was successful:
Our hero, running back to the beach with the new batteries.

Of course, the CD player still did not work. It turned out OK because all of the guests hummed the wedding march. . . We are not too proud to sing for our supper!

AND Jessa, as she is prone to do, found a new BFF in Caroline, the daughter of one of Lucas's fraternity brothers from VSU and the granddaughter of the preacher. They sat together at the rehearsal dinner and were joined at the hip at the wedding and reception. Shortly after we arrived to start the ceremony, she hollered to me, "Momma, can me and my new friend run to the sea?" I told her the sea could wait until after the ceremony.
Caroline and Jessa at the rehearsal dinner - BFF!

Candice's niece was quite taken with Spencer. She followed him around and played in the sand with him. They were together quite a lot. So I asked him if Zoe was his new girlfriend. He looked shocked and said, "No, mommy, Zoe is just a baby." I guess he is right.

I mean, she is only 2, while he is a worldly and wise 3. . .

Congratulations to Lucas and Candice!

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