Monday, April 20, 2009


What's up with that word?? Why is it the funniest word my children have ever heard - EVER.?

I mentioned in another post that when Jessa's class was working on the letter "t" that each time the teacher would ask them to tell her a "t" word, they all came up with toilet first. But the love for that word in this house started well before the letter "t" became a classroom discussion.

No matter how bad of a mood one of them is in, if the other one utters a silly, quiet "toilet," they both erupt into silly giggles and belly laughs. I guess it is just one of those words?

I have overheard many conversations between them that go something like this:
"Hello, Mr. Toilet."
"No, you are Mrs. Toilet!"
Hee-hee Ha-ha!

We can change the words of any song to include toilet. We can fit toilet into any conversation. I just do not get it. But I guess I cannot complain. On the scale of offensive words, it is not terribly so. It is an important part of every home, right? It is necessary and a part of every day. I guess I just do not find it as amusing as they do. Nor does it inspire me to sing. . .

I guess I am not cool like they are. . .

I will close with a new favorite phrase:

Oh my toilet!

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