Thursday, April 16, 2009

A perfect day

Last weekend, we had lots of plans. Many scheduled events, and some things that we had to get done. It was the beginning of our Spring Break - yay sleeping in! Plus, David had a 4 day weekend for the Easter Holiday. (The army is good about that in places where you deploy a lot. They schedule extra days off during the year that you are home because nearly every other year you are not home.)

So Friday we had lots to do. It is our regular commissary day, plus David and Spencer were in need of a trip to the barber shop. And once Jessa was home from school, we had planned to drive to Savannah to eat supper and procure a new drinking fountain for our precious Stewart, as his is "hard broke." Busy day! (and we still had to order the fountain on-line when we got home!)

And then Saturday we had our last 2 egg hunts scheduled (oh, by the way, if anyone needs about 5,000 plastic eggs, let me know. . .). The first was at 10 AM to be followed by a little fun fair. This was crowded and nuts. It is a post wide egg hunt, so every child who has a parent stationed at Ft. Stewart was invited. Spencer refused because they do not allow parents to be near the children for fear the parents will get too competitive. And as much as you and I know that I would NEVER do anything but hold his hand, I guess the folks in charge don't know me that well. In Jessa's age group, she was happy to go hunt. But then ever so sad after some children pushed her, took eggs out of her basket, and even slapped her hand away from an egg! She ended up with a full basket anyway, and sweetly shared her eggs with her brother since his basket was empty.
On the way to Egg Hunt #1 - before Spencer was holding on to my leg and tossing his basket. . .

The fun fair had bounce houses, crafts, slides, snacks, and all kinds of fun. Spencer is not a fan of bounce houses. None of us are fans of the crazy long lines. Spencer did not wish to stay, so Jessa and I stuck it out alone while he and David headed home. Jessa was in extra kind mode and after she did the bunny hop race, she asked for two prizes . This was not allowed, so my precious girl stood in line and bunny hopped again to claim a prize in her brother! I was so proud!

We then had a neighborhood egg hunt. All the houses on our street hid eggs in their yards for all the kids on our street to find. They were really excited about this all day. David and I made them stay inside while we hid the eggs in our yard. They watched the window waiting for everyone to head out to meet in the middle. Once we got out there, Spencer started freaking out. He did not want people to hunt "our eggs." He wanted everyone to stay in their own yard and leave ours alone. I ha to take him inside several times to calm him down. We were 0 for 2 egg hunt wise! At least he enjoyed his class egg hunt, right? It is sort of my fault, I guess. I have always had mini-hunts in our yard for them to look for eggs. This is the first time other people were hunting at our house. . . Oh well! That was a long and crazy day that left us all exhausted and me terribly sun-burned. (Since I had children, I always worry about them and sunscreen and seem to forget me!)
Jessa the professional egg hunter and Spencer, pouting because people are taking OUR eggs!
We had been planning our Sunday for weeks. We watched the weather to pick the perfect day to head to the beach. Jessa is obsessed with the beach. If we ever watch a home movie from our trip to Hawaii, she disappears and then comes running in with her bathing suit on. She has been so anxious to go back to the beach since we are finally back near Jekyll Island again. We were pumped also because it was (as far as we know) Max's first beach trip ever.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, BUT the wind was brutal. It had to be the most miserable day we have ever had at the beach. We had sand in our picnic, sand in our drinks, sand in our eyes. We could not spread out a towel because they blew away. Our shoes blew over, the dogs water blew away, MISERABLE! Plus, despite the 75 degree weather, we were FREEZING. Jessa ended up having a great time, though. She loves the beach unconditionally!! Her chin was quivering and she was covered in goose bumps, but she ran and played and swam. What a day. I am pretty sure my camera is ruined because the sand blew in it even when it was tucked away in a towel in a bag. What a mess!
Our windblown doggies
They had to keep their eyes closed as they ate their SANDwiches.
Spencer still had a pretty good time - until he got wet. . .
That is pure joy- she could have cared less that her lips were blue!
Then there was Monday. We had nothing planned. It was David's last day to sleep in without a 5:30 wake up for PT (one of the many reasons I am not in the army, who wants to have group exercise that early - not me!) We got up and started cleaning the house up. We had neglected it all weekend with all of our comings and goings. The kids were in great moods. We cleaned up each room together. Then David would come through with the vacuum. We had great talks while we were cleaning. Jessa would find any things that could be thrown away. Spencer was great at finding where things went. And the house looked great!

They helped me sort laundry and wash clothes. They played nicely together all day. The weather was rainy and dreary, so we never even took off our jommies. The kids ate a nice lunch together. They colored, they danced, they played some more. We even got cleaned up and went out to eat for supper, per our Monday tradition. We did not have to referee any fights or deal with any discord. A perfect day. . .

Drawing and enjoying a "dinner date," as they called it.
This may not have been the high point of the day for David,
but Jessa dressed them in matching gowns to dance together.
And I stopped and thought how funny it was that of the 4 days we were all together, this was by far the best one. The one day that we did not have anything special or out of the ordinary planned. The one day we did not do anything that would be considered "fun." I have said it before, but my favorite place to be is at home with my family! I guess this weekend just proved my point, huh?

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