Monday, April 6, 2009

A puddle wonderland

I love the rain. OK, I mostly like sleeping with the window cracked so I can hear it. And I like being chilly and needing to put on a warm sweatshirt or snuggle under a warm blanket. I also like stomping in puddles and enjoying the fresh, wet world.

Once Jessa could walk, I taught her to seek out puddles and splash away. Mimi told me I would regret it when she was older, but I taught her anyway. She has always enjoyed playing in the rain, too. And of course, Spencer likes it now, too.

Wednesday, when were leaving school, we came straight home to put on our boots and splash around. There were not a lot of puddles at the house. And the rain had stopped for the time being. We had our rain boots and coats on for nothing! Bummer!

When I was leaving to pick them up Thursday afternoon, I noticed the rain was coming down pretty well. So I packed their rain boots in a plastic bag to take with me. Their rain boots are cool, but they are not comfortable shoes for all day wear. Once I picked them up at their classes, we stopped and changed their shoes. The parking lot is old and was full of cool puddles. We splashed, we jumped, we ran - it was so much fun!

Once we got home, the fun continued. Since we have had a lot of rain, we have standing water in the yard, the sidewalks, the patio, the street. Standing water = puddles

After several minutes, Jessa looked up at me and hollered, "Mommy! It's a puddle wonderland!" I must agree. It was pretty wonderful. We had lots of wet fun splashing in the mud, stomping in the water, and enjoying the rain. We were all drenched when we came in, but it was so worth it. Plus, after a warm bath and hot chocolate, they were good as new!

It worked for me, even though it looked black.
Just push play, and it should work, I hope. . .

A puddle wonderland indeed!

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