Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what a dumb mother!

My children have a dumb mother. Of course, I better not ever hear them actually say that out loud. Although sometimes with the looks I get and tone they use, they may as well be saying those words.

Jessa LOVES these little rubbery, stretchy animals. Spencer likes them, too, but Jessa loves loves them - she REALLY LOVES them, names them, sleeps with them, builds them houses, sings to them, plays with them for hours. . . You get the idea, right?

She told me that the structure at the back right is called "Hotel for Otters."
I think that "Hotel for Dogs" may have been based loosely on this idea.
Jessa is such a visionary.
The color thingy is a robot (apparently with a 'do rag').
"To sneak up on the robot, the otter is staying on the green ring so it is camouflaged."
Her exact words. . .
The Easter Bunny brought them some new ones. (the suckers are only $1 for a bag of like 6 or 8 - she has expensive tastes, huh?) The other night she was taking a "relaxing" bath. (Yes, she is 5, but she sometimes requires a bubble bath with candles. Not sure why she needs to relax, but whatever.) She decided to put all of her little animals in the tub. She only had a few with her, so she beckoned me to bring her another sea lion. OK. I can do this, right? I have been to zoos. I have visited Sea World. I have college degrees, granted nothing in the natural sciences, but I can pick out a sea lion, right?
A few of the gang -
are the ones that were in need of a relaxing bath with her.

I first grabbed this:

I handed it to her, and even in the candle light, she immediately gave me an exasperated sigh and said, "Mommy, that is a walrus." I looked more closely, and she was of course, correct.

Then I grabbed this:

I handed it to her, and again, she looked up at me with sheer frustration and said, "Mommy, this is an otter." She was right again. Now I am wondering how many different animals were in that tiny bag and why am I so easily confused?

Finally I grabbed this:

And she was most pleased with it and told me "Thanks!"


Bless their hearts, how did they get stuck with such a dingbat for a mother??

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