Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tales from Preschool: Easter Eggs and 100!!!!!

First, I have been anticipating this post for weeks. It is my 100th post! Yikes! Can you believe it? I am so proud. I was planning to do a top 100 list of some sort, but 100 is a lot. I had trouble coming up with 100 anythings that I would be interested in typing, not to mention 100 things that y'all would be interested in actually reading. I could not come up with anything else terribly clever to celebrate, either. So we'll just leave it at a "yay me" for posting 1oo times and more importantly, a "yay you" for reading my rambling thoughts, crazy stories, and my obsessive feelings for my precious babies and awesome family. And now, on with the 100th post. . .

This week, our preschool is celebrating Easter. Besides all the stories and discussions of the true meaning of Easter, they are having Easter Egg Hunts. They are spreading out the egg hunts over the whole week. This is because of limited egg-hiding space on the church grounds, but I LOVE it because I get a day to focus on each of my children. Tuesday was Spencer's class egg hunt, and Jessa's class day was Wednesday.

Each child brings in 12 candy filled eggs, so each child leaves with 12. A great idea and a good way to keep it fair (plus, we have 2 more egg hunts to attend, so I am happy to limit the number that enter this house!!!).

I walked into Spencer's class Tuesday during lunchtime. I was so excited that I even wore some bunny ears to get in the mood! I went to sit with Spencer at his spot at the table. The little girl next to him, immediately looked at me and said, "Who are you?" I told her I was Spencer's Mommy. She said, "Oh. Well, what are you doing here?" I said I was here to help hide eggs for their Easter Egg Hunt. She said, "Why are you wearing those ears?" I explained that I just love holidays and I was excited about Easter and hunting eggs. She looked at me hard and said, "Well, Easter is not really about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Easter is about Jesus." I smiled and told her that she was exactly right. She told me, huh??
Spencer at the lunch table - look at his grin!!
After I sat there for a minute, another little girl walked over to me (I just sat on the floor by Spencer). She stood in front of me and gave me several "once overs." She never said a word, but after a few seconds, she leaned over and kissed me on the shoulder. Then she turned and walked away. I was puzzled but tickled. Ms. Christina said, "Did she kiss you?" I laughed and said, "Uh-huh!" Miss Christina laughed and said, "She is just very affectionate!" I guess I should feel honored that I made the cut! She definitely thought it over before she gave me my shoulder kiss. . . Aren't they all cute??
After lunch, I helped hide the eggs. Then they lined up to head out - we were all very excited!!
We hid their eggs in plain sight, and some of them still had some trouble! They were so funny! Their teachers gave them these cute baskets with 12 small holes in the bottom. It was perfect to help them make sure they only got 12 eggs. The teachers kept reminding them "only 12 eggs per person." It was clear that some of them could not count to 12! And Spencer (who I call "little Emory" because he is so anal and precise and deliberate just like my Poppy) found an egg and lined it up with a hole in his basket. He walked 2 steps, and the egg rolled out. So he stopped and lined it up again. He took off, the egg rolled, he stopped, he fixed it, he was on his way.
Needless to say, his hunt was somewhat frustrating and very slow because he did not like it when his eggs were not properly placed in their hole! These holes were not meant to hold the eggs. They were more for decorating, you know, or even for deviled eggs. Anyway, "little Emory" found his 12 and sat proudly with the other kiddos. SO much fun!! They were so cute and so excited. I love to watch the babies interact with their little friends and their teachers!!
Spencer counting and recounting his 12 eggs and posing with his full basket!!
Wednesday, I got to Jessa's class after lunch. They were all in a circle after a story trying to kill time waiting on another class to finish with the playground. After the story, one of her teacher's opened up the floor for some jokes. Jessa's hand was up first. Her joke: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Her punchline: "To get a smoothie on its head." Well, it killed - who knew she was such a comedian! They were rolling on the floor and fake laughing up a storm. So then, each of the next jokes involved things crossing the road. There were also a few smoothies in the mix. And one little boy added "poop" to his punchline. This made them all crack up even more!

I also got to see them play a game called "shoot out." The kids stand back to back and whoever raises their hand first and answers the question correctly wins. Jessa was not always fast on the hand, but she did get her question right when she was fastest. The funniest part of the game was when the teacher asked during one round, "What is something that starts with the letter of the week: T?" Guess what answer they call came up with first?? Yep, you guessed it, "Toilet!" And with the mention of the word toilet, they all erupt into silly giggles.

Finally it was time for the Mommies to hide the eggs. Since they are all 4 and 5, we could really hide theirs. It was more challenging to hide them! They were so funny running around like crazy. Jessa and one of her little friends were cracking me up keeping each other posted on their progress. Jessa would holler, "I found one. It is purple." Her friend would holler back, "I just got one, too. Mine is green!"
Hard to get a good picture because I was having to chase her - she was serious about this hunting thing.

Jess posing with her haul and counting up her eggs. She had to share 1 because she got 13.
And she parted with it without too much coaxing. . .
Jessa even found one of the 2 prize eggs! She found the silver one and was ever so proud. I had no idea what was in it. They were supposed to wait until they got home to open them. Once she was home for like 2 seconds, she cracked them all open. Her big special, shiny egg had a whole dollar in it! I asked her to let me see it, and she said she couldn't. I asked again and she said in a very exasperated tone, "Mom, I already put it in my piggy bank." I guess that was a good place for it, huh??
Posing with her prize egg
After the hunt, we hung with her class until the end of the day. They had races (Jess was the only girl that wanted to race over and over. She did not win, but I was proud of her for trying!), played horseshoes, and even chased bubbles that Ms. V blew. Such a fun day!
Note the proper technique - she is a natural!
I am so glad that I got to have an egg hunt with each child where I could focus on just them. AND I always love my funny preschool moments with their friends. Yay!

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