Wednesday, July 29, 2009

City Museum

Living at Scott AFB is very exciting for us. We have mostly stuck to the South, except for our time in Europe. So we are thrilled to check out a new area. The closest big city to us is St. Louis. There are tons of things to do in and around St. Louis. We had already done a few things on visits with Daddy over the past few years, but now we have lots of time to check it all out!

The first FUN place we visited was the City Museum. Wow!
They built this museum in an old Shoe Factory. It is definitely not a traditional museum, by any means.
Look at our incredibly expensive and oh so fashionable bracelets.
It is hands on and very kid friendly (and rather expensive). Most of the bottom floor was caves that could be explored. We were crawling around, checking out the cool carvings and the tunnels and slides. SO fun! I was sorry I was wearing shorts!
Look at that big kid. They are big on the parents being involved!

Posing in the caves - Jessa cannot even stop looking around to look at the camera!
David was a trooper!
As you crawled through the caves, you found old staircases to climb up into the old factory. There was a huge, spiral slide made out of an old chute used in the shoe making process. Jessa was nervous at first, and Spencer wanted me to slide with him. After Jessa finally consented to go down this slide but only with Bay, she was hooked! She ran up the all the stairs with us trying to keep up. So funny – as I topped the stairs, I saw the back of her head sliding down and Bay hopping in the chute quickly, just trying to follow her!

There were slides everywhere. The staircases used painted old conveyor belt rollers. You could climb inside tunnels and over other people. Everything was cool and recycled and fun.

Daddy trying to make sure Jessa waits her turn on a big slide.
Big bowl slides
Bay is the coolest grandfather, wouldn't you agree??
The roof was another attraction all of its own. There was a Ferris Wheel! What a view!
The elevator taking us to the roof.
Also on the roof was an old school bus. It was mounted on the edge, so if you climbed to the front you were hanging off the side of the building. So cool!!
Spencer could not wait to hop on the bus!
Oh and Jessa loved being able to walk across the fountain pond.

There was also an aquarium in the same building. It was sort of small, but we still enjoyed it. There were tunnels in the tank for you to look in and climb in.
Jessa made friends with a turtle:

Oooo and lunch was fun, too. A little pricey, but the seats were worth it.

AND they have the world's largest pencil there.

Bottom line: We love the City Museum in St. Louis! What a fun way to spend the day!
6 thumbs up (Jessa, Spencer, David, Bay, Nikki, and Me)


Carrie said...

Wow, that looked so fun! I want to go there!

kate said...

Oh my gosh Dana -- I am SO jealous!! This museum was featured in Southern Living not that long ago and I immediately wanted to go there! Glad y'all had fun!