Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lucas is a lumberjack

And he is more than OK!
(Monty Python, anyone?)
Just look at him go. . .
The day after the tree fell in Momma's yard (that may or may not have made a sound), Lucas aka our favorite Lumberjack came to the rescue. Mom was planning to call a "tree dude" (in case you did not know, that is the official name of the professional people who come to your house and cut up trees that have fallen or take care of other tree related issues that may arise). BUT we could not keep him away. Apparently, people who are of the male persuasion cannot resist the urge to use power tools. EVER.
Getting ready by filling up the chainsaws with the proper gas and oil mixture.
J and S helping him and asking a lot of questions - he is so patient.
They also reminded him about 7 times not to cut off their feet.
He was glad they brought that up, so he could pay special attention to their feet.
He was so awesome!

He had some excellent helpers.
Sunglasses to protect their eyes from debris
Some teamwork to carry a large limb
Please note the little supervisors well out of harms way -
They would point to the spot he should cut next, and then retreat to a safe distance to monitor his progress.
He had 2 chainsaws at his disposal, and yes, he used both of them.
See earlier comment about men and power tools.
How manly!
No kidding, I was way impressed.
Some funnies from the day:
We hauled the wood to the street at Momma's (in the hopes that someone would steal it, to be honest. So far, no takers.)
I had to use Daddy's old van to get it up there because
(1) the wheelbarrow tire was shredded and would not hold air (Mom and I tried)
(2) we do not have a truck (maybe we should)
(3) Mom did not want us to mess up our cars and Daddy does have another newer van
One of 4 trips to "haul" the cut up logs to the street.
I wish I knew how to make paper or I had a mill.
I just know I could build something really cool.
Oh ,and I love to honk the horn. A LOT. Each time I drove a load up or backed up to get more, it involved almost constant honking. I say, safety first, right? Everyone needed to hear me coming.
Luckily, Mom and Lucas find me amusing. . .
David always cringes and pretends not to know me.
The little helpers before we got started.
Nicely dressed.
Spencer petered out pretty early and was back in his Sponge Bob PJ's within about 4 minutes and 43 seconds.

Jessa stuck it out longer. And when it was time for a break, she requested some lemonade since it was "such a hot day." When I told her we did not have any, I offered her several other options. She sighed and rejected all of my suggestions. She finally said, "I guess I prefer water, you know, it is healthier." Point taken.

During one trip from the middle of the yard to the street with a load of wood, Jessa was riding in the van with me. She said, " Mommy, could you turn on the air? It is sweltering out here today."
Here are the helpers and the lumberjack for our last trip down the driveway to park the van. Yes, there was honking:
Rednecks hanging out the back of a van seems to be a theme for us this summer. . .
Note the Spongebob PJ's on Spencer
And here I am with Lucas - we are posing by the fruits of our day of labor.
We all worked hard, but it was a FUN day.
I cannot think of anyone I would rather cut up and haul away a dead pine tree that fell in Momma's front yard with than my sweet brother.
**AND Momma even paid us, but we would have done it for free. . .


kate said...

Ha! I cannot believe y'all had fun doing that!! Awesome.

Mendy said...

I especially love Jessa's comments. Sounds so like something EK would say - especially about the water being healthier! So funny!

Jason and Amy said...

So true that males cannot avoid using power tools! I love the pic of you and Lucas. He looks exactly the same! Glad yall had fun making memories out of anything that FELL in your path. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)