Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lemonade, anyone?

Aren't Lemonade Stands like a rite of passage in childhood?
Well, my kiddos decided that Monday was the day for their first attempt.

We are in GA now. We drove all day on Tuesday, so Monday was the big preparation day. I always like to start the trip with a clean and organized car (it only lasts about 10 miles, but I like things to at least start well!). Jessa asked me as we were in the garage working on getting organized if she and Spencer could go to houses and "sell stuff." I think that she got the idea because some of their new neighbor buddies went door to door selling cherries over the weekend. I told her I did not think that was a good idea (I do not want people to cringe when they see my children at their door begging for spare change. . .). I said that maybe they could sell something at the house while I was in the garage. Jessa's face lit up and she said, "Lemonade!"

So we set them up a stand. We got a plastic garage shelf as a "table" and some chairs. They colored some signs. Jessa wanted to charge $1 per glass. I told her that was a little steep, and cousin Nikki made a "Donations Only" sign. I made some Country Time, and they were all set.
Jessa's sign on the left, Spencer's on the right.
Both signs have a line of customers - You've got to admire their optimism.
What serious business people.
The only problem: we live on a circle on the very last straight in the whole housing area. This means there is not a whole lot of traffic. After about 1 minute and 30 seconds, Jessa was already bored!
But they stuck with it. I bought a cup, but I had to pretend to not be their mother. Then Nikki bought a cup:
Nikki enjoying a $2 cup of lemonade.
The first REAL customer was the UPS man! Bless his heart, he gave them a whole dollar! Once some neighborhood kids were outside, Jessa started screaming "FREE LEMONADE!" This drummed up some business. Before long, we had to make a new jug. Our next door neighbor is a Priest, and he stopped by for a cup. We even had a car stop and give them a $5 bill!! I tried to give it back, but they ran to the car and said they wanted to do it! So sweet!

We had a long day with busier times than others. They finally ended up in the backyard playing with some new friends. I heard someone come to the front door and yell, "I want some lemonade." I ran to get the kids, and they found a VERY important customer.
He may be an important Army Officer, but he is just their BAY.
They gave him 2 very full cups to take back to work with him.

They ended up making $14.31 - not bad for an afternoon of "work," huh? I have a feeling this was not our last afternoon of hanging out and selling our wares.
I'll gladly make more lemonade any day for these two sweet faces.


Carrie said...

Adorable! The two cutest lemonade salepeople I ha ve ever seen!

Mendy said...

That's precious!!

Aunt Barb said...

I am so thirsty for some of that special lemonaide...sold by those two cuties. I definitely think they could have a future in sales with those smiles!

Michelle said...

And what a great way to make new friends, too!

kate said...

That is great -- and so, so cute! I love that so many people bought from them! My childhood best friend's family still reminds us that when we set up our lemonade stand, we made them drink it in front of us so we could get the cup back. Ew. :)