Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, waitress!!!!!!!

So we got back to Illinois after 2 + weeks in GA. We unloaded, ate, and crashed. It was a long day in the car for all of us. The next day we slept in and just had a leisurely morning. I slowly unpacked and started to get organized. The kids were playing on their own downstairs, and I was doing some things upstairs. All of a sudden, I hear loudly from 2 sweet voices down the stairs holler, " Oh Waitress!!!!!!!"

What?! Has it really come to this?? I laughed and headed down there to see what they wanted. They both wanted to "order" some macaroni noodles with just butter. I asked them if they thought I was running a restaurant, and they giggled and said, "Yes!"

So as I am in the kitchen, they both holler from the den, "Oh, Waitress!" And I walked in to see what now. They wanted to watch a movie while they were eating. So I put in Ice Age and finished fixing their macaroni.
So here are the "customers" who ordered lunch and a movie from their mommy, oh wait, I mean their waitress.
Jessa could not pay attention to her noodles for watching Ice Age.
They are so spoiled!
I guess I know my place around here! But I will say they did not even leave a TIP!

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