Monday, July 20, 2009

Mimi and Poppy had a farm


We've been in GA, ya know, visiting. During our visit, I wanted for us to all take a trip to Mimi and Poppy's farm house in Adel, GA. So, me, Momma, Jessa, Spencer, Cooper, Dunken, and Max met Mimi and Poppy down there for a few days.
The dogs all loaded up - always ready for a trip!
It is the house where Mimi grew up. It is such an awesome place - full of memories. Lucas and I spent many fun visits down there growing up. And I want my kiddos to have good memories of the farm, too. Sadly, we have not been to visit in a while. For real, look at this picture of Jess and Spence taken on the last trip we took down there:
Easter 2006 - Jessa was 2 1/2 and Spencer was 3 months old!

We had such a great time - catching up with family and just talking about the old days. It is so beautiful there.
The farm house
A family pond - gorgeous!

Although, after we were there for about a day, Spencer came to me. He had a serious look on his face. He said, "Mommy, why doesn't Mimi and Poppy's farm have any animals?" OK, point taken, it is not a working farm anymore. And even when it was, it was about crops, not cows and pigs. They did get to pet and feed the cows at Aunt Leta's house, so I guess they got to do something more "farmish."

We also spent one evening "pin curling" our hair. Momma has always talked about one time when Granny (Mimi's mother) pin curled her hair in the same very house. I decided I wanted us to try it on each other. Mom was not thrilled about this idea, but they all went along with me.


All curled up:

The next morning:

Jess looked the best - we looked like we belonged on Coffee Talk.
David was relieved to hear that Spencer's hair was not rolled.

The dogs also had a blast. So many smells and noises that they were interested in.

All these two wanted to do was hang out and take it all in.
I know Max looks confused - he sort of always is, God bless him!
He would go out, do his business, and wait at the door to go back in.
He still does not get the whole being a dog outside thing.
We also got some good front porch time in. Hands down, the BEST thing about Adel is the front porch. Swings, rockers, a dark night, and all of us sitting outside listening to the "night noises."

Lucas and I spent many a summer night swinging on that porch. And it was so awesome for me to get to see my kids swinging in the same swing. It was wonderful!

So our trip was much fun! Jessa said as I was packing for us to head back to Atlanta that she thought we should just stay until we ran out of clean clothes because she was not ready to leave yet. I assured her we would come back - and hopefully we will not wait so long before our next trip. . .


Mary said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. Love the way the pin curling came out. So fun.

Jason and Amy said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Believe it or not, my mom used to pin curl my hair when I was elementary school. :)