Thursday, July 30, 2009

Registration is hard.

I tried to come up with a more clever title for this post, but I am quite frankly just too tired. I have been jumping through hoops all over town, all to get my precious baby ready to register for Kindergarten here in Illinois.

It is a little daunting considering that I am going to do this as a "new student" for these kiddos many more times. When Momma enrolled Lucas and me, it was once as new students in one system. We both started school in Clayton County, and we both graduated school in Clayton County. As much of a believer in Public School as I am, I will say that I have tossed around the words "home school" more than a few times the past week or so!

I have endured screaming at a doctor's office for a health check (and that was just in the parking lot when they realized where we were). Momma went with me to the pediatricain near her house. When we were doing the same thing being new to Hinesville, it took me more than a month to get a well child appointment since we were not "established." I decided to avoid that and take the Illinois forms to the pediatrician who has known these 2 since he checked on them in the hospital at their births! I checked and the Illinois people said that was OK. Jessa did have to have one more shot, and boy is she not a fan. We left the office before the forms were finished, and they promised to have the forms ready for me that day. Ha! I have spent hours on hold calling them trying to get it finished. Ugh. A week later, Mom picked them up and express mailed them to me.

In Illinois, you also have to have a dental form signed. No problem, we needed to find a new dentist here anyway. So I called, found one, they had a cancellation, score! Jessa is also not a fan of dentists. I think her reluctance is because she is such a control freak. She takes after me, I think. . . Good news, we got the form signed. Bad news, we have a couple cavities. Due to Jessa's "high spirit," and extreme dislike of dentists in general we were sent to another dentist. She (thankfully) decided that we will be having the "you are sound asleep cavity filling special" later in August.

In Illinois, you also have to have a vision test. And not the eye chart one at the pediatrician. We did that, too, but we had to see an actual optometrist for a real eye test. Can't make anything easy. . .She was panicked, but she did great! 20/20! Of course, my friend Kelly's little boy has glasses and he is precious. Momma was torn about whether or not she wanted Jessa to get to be cute, too!!

So after one pediatrician visit, two dental appointments, an optometrist appointment, countless phone calle, huge chunks of time on hold, fancy scheduling, a patient and helpful May, and one express mail package, today I walked into an elementary school and registered my sweet baby girl for KINDERGARTEN.

She is of course beside herself with excitement.
The bus! The new teacher! The new friends! The school supplies! The new clothes! The new backpack! The cafeteria!
I am so thrilled that she is so excited, and I am so proud of the little person that she has become. But I am also so torn because this is just the beginning. Before I know it, she will be going to dances and dissecting frogs and having crushes and learning locker combinations. Before I fall apart, I am just going to enjoy my Kindergartener and all the fun firsts for now.

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