Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Party

Last Tuesday was my D's birthday.
I am so glad he was born!
(and until November, we are the same age. . .)

The kids and I had lots of fun making decorations for him.

He wanted Red Robin (yum!) for his special birthday supper. We were not allowed to tell the waitress. . .

After supper we all gathered at our house to open presents and eat cake. We had lots of fun. I wrapped up some new socks and undershirts for him. He wanted a new I-Pod since his screen is busted on his. Of course, we got him one, but I wanted him to sweat a little! I cracked myself up!
It was more socks! I bought him like 12 pairs!
I even wrapped some in a small box then wrapped that box in a bigger box.
He was totally confused and SO sick of socks!
Here are the party guests:
May and my cousin (aka the sister I never had) Nikki.
Me and Bay
Spencer, who asked if it was time for cake at least 10 times before it was time.
*Note Bay in the background stealing icing. . .

I also did pretty well baking David's favorite cake using his Granny Key's special recipe.
He said it looked and tasted like Granny's! Way to go, me!
I could not resist sharing a few videos.
Jessa and Spencer are in love with sound cards right now. Jessa picked out the "Hamster Dance" song (go figure!), and they danced it up:

Jessa was in rare form partying it up with her Daddy. When we lit the candles, Jessa insisted on singing her own song for her Daddy. It was so cute and funny and sweet all at the same time. Seriously, I was laughing and crying. Bless her little heart!
I love that she included lyrics about the I-Pod!

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Carrie said...

Adorable song Jessa! Wow, I have never attempted Granny's chocolate cake. I'm too nervous and I would all the middle before it got to the cake! Happy Birthday David!!