Thursday, January 28, 2010


When you are a grandfather or in my Daddy's case, a Bay, you find yourself doing all sorts of crazy things. Bay has participated in tea parties, watched Barbie movies, colored a mean picture, been covered in hamburger buns, and many other countless things that secure his place in the Grandpa hall of fame. He is so proud of this accomplishment that he almost started a rumble. Once we were at a function and he motioned for me to come over. I did, and he leaned over and said, "Um, did you see that other guy over there? I think I am going to have to start something." I did not see anyone that looked threatening or menacing, so I looked back at him, puzzled. And he grinned a grin that only he can, and said, "He had the nerve to wear a sweatshirt that says '#1 Grandpa!' How dare he?!" I managed to hold him back, but he did keep an eye on that dude.

Yep, those are hamburger buns.

Well, the other night, Bay came over for supper. I often invite him for supper, especially when David is gone. See, I feel a little guilty if I nuke Chef Boyardee for more than like 3 nights in a row for a hot meal for the kids when David is out of town. And it is wicked hard to cook for me and them. OK, just sort of wasteful - that is a lot of effort to put forth for people who think that marshmallows are a food group. So if Bay comes, then I am not cooking just for me and the cereal gang. Anyhow, supper was finished and I was finishing up cleaning the kitchen. The kids were playing with Bay. They were having so much fun that I had to set the timer to tell them when he had to go. It was a school/work night after all. And they'd play until, well, forever.

I finished loading the dishwasher, and went to check on them. Oh my. Jessa explained to me that Bay was a "Camaflougasaurus" (this term must have stemmed from his still being in uniform). He was a scary beast that they were apparently tracking and hunting in some fashion. They were quite the hunting party, too. They had backpacks packed with supplies (later I found that they were full of pringles and fruit roll ups), weapons (pop guns, umbrellas, and bats), and vehicles (saucer sleds). He was vicious when they wanted him to be, and he retreated when he was told. That's the thing about my kids. They really are easy to play with if you are good at taking directions. I mean it, they even tell you what to say and when. Best not to try and improvise, though. They know best. And Bay is really good at taking directions!

Well, I think that I could explain this to death and you may never really "get it." So how about I show you some pictures I captured of the expedition tracking the rare and illusive Camaflougasarus.

Sometimes it is hard to get a good picture of this creature - it moves really fast!

Note the cap gun aimed upward from the boots of the beast.

Jessa is shielding herself while Spencer fires with his ladybug umbrella weapon.

They are both on the offensive now - Spencer had to bring out the big guns, I mean bat.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Spencer is wearing a rain coat as protection, from what I am not sure. Maybe the creature spits?

Jessa has put her gun away. Maybe the creature is subdued?

Ah, yes, he is back in his lair. The threat has passed. For now.

So anyway.

I am thinking his #1 Grandpa thing is in the bag.

I am going to head over and order his shirt now.

What you won't do for your grandchildren. . .

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kate said...

SO CUTE!! I love this, Dana. The pictures are priceless! What a great grandpa!