Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

Spencer Johnson Key is FOUR YEARS OLD!
When I look at my sweet boy, I cannot believe that he is already 4. He has the sweetest heart and the best disposition. He is rarely in a bad mood (unless Jessa is not being nice to him).

I always thought that the perfect family was a little baby girl followed a few years later by a little baby boy. Since that is the family that Lucas and I were raised in, to me, it just made sense. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to watch my babies grow up much the way I did with my sweet brother.
Of my 2 children, Spencer is the more gentle, nurturing one. We call him the dog whisperer because he is so focused on the dogs all the time. He leans down to kiss them and lays his head next to them. They are always patient with him, and he them. And he is just as sweet with Stewart. We were running late one morning for school, and we rushed out the door. He saw Stew in the window as we drove away. He cried all the way to school because he did not hug Stewart before he left. Our tender-hearted child.

He cannot stand to be in trouble. If he thinks he did something wrong, he punishes himself way more than we ever could. He falls apart and is so disappointed in himself, so afraid he upset someone. Once, he accidentally knocked off a jar of baby food at the commissary. As I was finding someone to let them know so it could be cleaned, I looked and he was curled up at my feet, beside himself. So eager to please and so heartbroken if he fears he has let you down.

On New Year's Eve, May, the kids, and I were headed to see The Princess and the Frog while Bay, David, Poppy, and Mimi stayed behind to watch the football games. We were all at the door, coats on, ready to go. But Spencer ran back into the living room to give each person a big hug to tell them bye. He is always anxious to show his love, and he is so affectionate. He loves everyone and everything with his whole heart.

He worships his sister - to a fault. When I am fussing at her for being ugly to him or not including him, he rushes to her defense. Even though he was truly hurt or upset by what she said or did, he always tells me "It's OK, Mom." He cannot stand for her to be in trouble either. He even lets her do his thinking. As a result, he is terribly indecisive when he has to choose something on his own! I think having him in a totally different school is so good for him - he can spread his wings a little without his hero around.

He is my sweet, precious little man.
I cannot imagine my life without him.

He is such a blessing.
His big heart.
His warm smile.
His cooperative spirit.

Happy Birthday, my Spencer.
We are so proud of you!


kate said...

So cute! LOVE. Happy Birthday to Spencer!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Spencer!!