Sunday, January 24, 2010

nature or nurture

My babies. Oh how I love them. Oh how they make me laugh.

David gets extra tickled at them these days because he is gone so much. So the really silly and funny things they do or say are new to him. He is constantly amazed by the sheer madness. They really are funny and so much fun. (Am I biased? Maybe. . .)

The other night, while I was cooking supper, Spencer started playing in the cabinets with pans. He had out some muffin pans, some cake pans, and some measuring spoons. He was making one heck of a dinner, let me tell you. So I am busy, and we are chatting off and on (because he is NEVER not talking), and I look over and I see this:
He really is a bright child, even if this picture does not immediately make you think that.

And then there were these:

The tube pan is clean, that is just Pam residue, I promise. . .

Bless him. He can make his own fun.

But as I continued fixing supper, I was chucking about him to myself. And then I remembered some old pictures of Jessa that I wanted to find. I had to look through tons and tons of old pictures because I was not sure where they were. But I knew they were somewhere. Looking through old pictures is ALWAYS fun, though.

Well, I found them.
Note the date.
She was not even 2 yet!

So my question is this:
Were my children born nuts or did I make them that way?
Nature vs. Nurture, a question for the ages.

Oh well! Whatever the case, I love them, and they make me laugh every single day.

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Aunt Barb said...

Sigh! Welcome back to cyber-space. & thanks for the great Krazy Key fix! I have missed all your wonderful stories and pictures.
I am so very glad you have recovered from your Christmas "adventure"....delighted, but not surprised, at the way you found the good in it all.
As for you question "nature or nurture" I vote on a healthy mix of the two.