Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hospital Stay - in pictures

Everyone knows that I do not go anywhere without my camera, right? I mean, you just never know when you may want to document something. And the fact that I have an external hard drive just to save my pictures is proof positive that I am not one to let a moment pass undocumented.
My recent trip to the hospital is no different. I even had to stash my camera in the oh so stylish slipper sock things that they make you wear so you will not slip down wearing your own, more comfortable, yet sans grippy things socks. Your own socks may be more comfy, but they are a law suit waiting to happen. Am I right? I had to stash it because they are mad crazy about you having valuable things there. I had to have the contents of my purse documented so that we could know if someone snatched something while I was high or out of it. So the camera had to be incognito. But I could not live without it. I was alone at the hospital most of the time, as it should have been since the fam was taking care of the kiddos and following all my instructions. Yep, I sent home pages of instructions for all the things that needed to be done before Christmas. And even some notes on what to do if I was still stuck in the hospital on the big day. Seriously, once all the tests were back, the ER PA came in and said, "We are admitting you for at least a few days. . ." And before she could finish, I looked at her with panic on my face and said, "I need a pad and pen." She was so cool that she quit talking, left the room, and came back with a pad and pen for me. I swear, that made me OK with my impending hospitalization and surgery.


So now, allow me to share with you a photo journey through my pre-Christmas hospitalization.

ER pics:
A worried, frustrated husband
(who still cannot believe that the crazy person he is married to is actually taking pictures of an ER visit)

My hospital bling - not the sort of bracelet a girl wants for Christmas. . .

The politically correct, multi-cultural hand washing chart

The pain meter - I was a 10 because I was crying
OK, maybe by the time I was taking pictures, the meds had kicked in and I was no longer a 10. . .
A map that may come in handy for some patients, thankfully not me

Inpatient Pics:
My IV pump, my friend, my Dr. Feelgood

My cool leg things to keep me from getting blood clots - sort of like a constant massage
Note the Santa socks - my spirit is bigger than my gallbladder

What a clear liquid diet looks like - boo
Broth, juice, hot tea, Jell-O (well, Spencer ate my jello. . .)

My door with the "Don't give this lady anything to eat or drink." - BIG BOO

Some of my awesome visitors

Me - the night before surgery
Note Santa earrings - it is Christmas everywhere - even the hospital
The kids gifts to keep me company

Flowers from USTRANSCOM

Working on Spencer's birthday invites - the nurses mailed them for me

My goal for Wednesday

Me with my IV pole/date (so maybe drugs, camera, and time alone do not mix)
Yep, after surgery, the earrings are BACK!

The best breakfast I ever ate - after about 60 hours of either no food or just clear liquids - Mmmm!

My goal for Thursday

Luckily, I achieved it. I may have been in a post-surgical, drug induced haze, but I was at home on Christmas morning, by golly!

The End.


Jason and Amy said...

Great attitude! And I love that you documented it ALL! :) BTW, I have an external hard drive for all my pics too. :)

Carrie said...

Wow Dana! You sure are an inspiration for people to maintain a positive attitudes in a negative situation! I am so sorry for the surgery and the timing of it. And so glad to hear that things are better!