Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The outfit

So you are pregnant. You know how it is, you are shopping for baby stuff for months. And you always want that perfect, precious outfit to dress your baby in to bring him or her home from the hospital. Right? If it is a girl, you want something precious and pink. If it is a boy, something beautiful and blue.
When we brought Jessa home, she wore this:
Gotta love this hospital shots. . .
When I brought Spencer home, he wore this:
It was the same photographer that did Jessa's, but Spencer could not keep his eyes open.

Now most of the time, your baby does wear at least a few hand me downs from friends or family. But for this outfit, this special outfit, the one you will always treasure and remember, you want it to be new and special to your child, or at least I did. . .

Jessa had that. Spencer, bless him, did not. OK, I bought it new. I got him something warm since he was due in January. It was so soft and from Carter's. (I LOVE Carter's!) But just before his ultra early arrival, Momma and I washed all of his clothes and blankets to get ready. And one day my sweet, 2 year old Jessa walked out wearing this:
OK. I just noticed that this is a different NB outfit. We bought a couple and decided on the one with the football. I know she tried them all on, but this is the only picture I could find. . . Please do not let this detail take away from the overall nuttiness of this story, OK??
Oh yeah, it is a NB outfit!
Not even 0-3.
He did not seem to mind that it was pre-worn, though!
Well, of course, I saved that sweet outfit.
And the other day, my silly children were playing.
Jessa was the mom and Spencer was her baby boy.
They walked into the kitchen, and I thought I would croak:

Basically I am telling you three things.
1. Some outfits never go out of style.
2. And don't worry about spending a lot of money on an outfit you think they will wear only once. You never know how much use they will get out of it - even 4 years later. . .
3. Jessa and Spencer will wear anything.

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