Friday, March 12, 2010

Furry Friday - March 12

OK, people. I try to never play favorites, you know? Not with the children or the furries. I try hard, really I do. If I see Dunken, staring at me, beckoning me for some attention, I stop and love on him. Then I immediately look to see if Max noticed. Don't want him thinking I love Dunken more. There is nothing worse than Westie sibling rivalry. I know you know what I mean.

My kids are tuned into this as well. If I say that I am proud of what a good eater Jessa is at supper without IMMEDIATELY mentioning Spencer's chewing prowess, his face falls. Same with her. They both just need to HEAR that they rock and never worry that I think the other one rocks more.

BUT I have to focus this Furry Friday on Stewart again. Since I started this whole idea, Stewart has been discussed 3 times. Look, y'all, my furry children cannot read. So they will never know that I have been slightly unfair with face time, unless YOU blab. Please don't tell them, OK? If you run into Dunken or Max or even Abby or Cooper, just act naturally, OK? If you don't tell them, they may never know! And for heaven sakes, don't tell Stewart - we don't want him getting the big head.

Anyway, my Stew is having some trouble.
He spent all day yesterday at a new vet's office. He has been needing to go, so I finally took him. And when they weighed him, he was only 9 lbs. This is great except last year, he weighed 12 lbs, 11 oz. He had lost a little bit then, too, so before I went I called 2 vets to compile some weights for comparison. And that is a ton of weight loss for a kitty. So they ran all sorts of blood tests and kept him there all day trying to get him to tee-tee. (Oh by the way, he never did. He did IMMEDIATELY upon coming home, though, of course.) (AND, by the way even more, we have to try again Monday for a sample.) Today the new Vet called and said that we are 99% sure it is his Thyroid. This is what we were thinking and sort of hoping, as it is treatable. So now he will get to take medicine twice a day until probably forever. I am OK with that, too. I just want him happy and healthy, you know? And back up to his fighting weight, of course.

Bless his heart.
I just hate it when any of my babies are sick! Even the furry ones. I actually think they are harder to handle because they cannot tell you, "hey, lady, I don't feel good." That was the best thing about the kids learning to talk. They could TELL ME. Isn't that always the worst? You are worrying about your baby and trying to figure out what is wrong using a slow, frustrating trial and error method! I could never be like a scientist in a lab or anything. Of course, with our children we will do anything! But that testing things out until you trip over and fall backwards into a solution thing is for the birds. Or the fancy lab scientists or whatever. You get it.

So now, I am about to head up to my new second home, our Vet's office to get some drugs to help him. Whew!

OH. On a somewhat related note, I must tell you that this vet cracked me up. I had to fill out tons of papers on Stewart when I first got there since we were "new." And I kid you not, the first question on one of the forms was "Does you pet have any nicknames? If so, list." I was so tickled! I have never had to answer that before. I think it is so cool that they chose to include that. And I listed a bunch. I did not want the vet to think that we (1) do not really love our cat or (2) are not creative enough to come up with suitable nicknames.

For your entertainment,
enjoy this list of our cat's most commonly used nicknames:
Disco Stew
Stewart Alewart


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