Friday, March 26, 2010

Furry Friday-March 26

Max. Well, I have mentioned before that he is not the most energetic of dog. He pretty much exists to eat and sleep. He loves to just be. And we are OK with that. Lord only knows what his life was like before I saw his sweet eyes that fateful day at the vet's office. So we are perfectly happy to let Max just be Max.

This means that he likes to sleep in. Like late. Really late. Seriously, we have to make him get up every day. Just so you get the idea, I take Spencer to school at 8:40. I come in and out and then I get home from picking him up at about noon. Between noon and one, I go upstairs to find my sweet Max still SOUND asleep. I have to wake him slowly because he is usually deeply asleep. I then carry the sweet man down the stairs and outside to the patio to do his business. I mean, he has been asleep since about ten the night before. Yep. He has a bladder of steel if it means he can sleep longer!

So this Friday, I went to wake him up at 12:42 - PM.

I carried him out to a bright sunshiny day.
And he proceeded to do his business
and then. . .

Well, take a long rest in the sun.

I mean he did get up before 1!

What more do you people want from him?

Sleeping and being carried takes a lot out of a boy.


He deserves a rest, don't you think?

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