Monday, March 29, 2010


So last week's first soccer practice did not go so well for Spencer. Remember?
Well after that, we had games on Saturday. It was more of the same. Spencer clung to my leg in fear, while Jessa was thrilled to be dribbling the ball in a GAME and even scored a GOAL!

I was not terribly optimistic about Spencer. His attitude did not seem to have changed. He was still in a very anti-soccer stance. I had talked to him a lot, and he did not seem to want to give it a shot. I was not going to push him, but I also was going to make him go to the practices and at least watch. Jessa had a little talk with him, though. And she promised him that she would give him a medal IF he gave it a try.
Jessa wearing said medal.
We drove to practice. We got out of the car and were headed to the field. Jessa and Spencer were dribbling their balls and racing. We got closer and closer. He was still jogging along with Jessa. We got to the practice field. He kept going. Jess and I stopped at the sidelines with all the other families. He kept going. We held our breaths. He turned around and realized that we were no longer with him. I was sure that he would turn and run toward us. He did not. He turned back around and kept going.
When he got to the group of players, he looked back at us. The coach asked everyone to sit down. And Spencer, well friends, he did. He sat right down in the middle of all the other little boys. And that was that.

He played the whole practice. He ran when they said run. He kicked when they said kick. He stopped when they said stop. I am fairly sure he had absolutely no idea what was going on. But the coaches were patient and turned him around to face the right way when he got confused. They even high fived him a few times. I was elated!
My stomach was in knots. I was nervous and excited! He is my sweet, tender hearted boy. I wanted it to go well. I wanted him to enjoy it. I wanted him to be as proud of himself as I was. Jessa cheered for him - LOUDLY. And one time, from the field, he turned to see where we were and hollered "Hey, Jess!" and waved at her. They both beamed. I WAS SO PROUD!

My boy - so proud of himself wearing the MEDAL!

Then it was Jessa's turn.
She cracks me up. She is so ready to go!
She was the first girl on the field.
The coach said "Put your foot on the ball." The hands on the hips - ALL Jessa!
She laughed, she smiled, she ran, she cheered - she had a BALL! Oh, and she did "twist her knee," at some point. She dragged her right leg around and limped while running for a while during the scrimmage. We were pretty convinced it was nothing serious, although she was quite dramatic. BUT once she scored her first goal, the limp disappeared. Funny how the excitement can heal the pain!
What a night!
I am the proudest Momma ever of BOTH my little soccer players!

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