Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hamster Church

Whenever May comes to see the kids, she brings them "surprises." OK, she also mails them "surprises," she has "surprises" when we get to her house, she is a "surprise" fool. They are pretty much spoiled rotten! But it is a grandmother's prerogative, right?

Well, this trip, she brought my little darlings each a Zhu Zhu pet. We have had "hamsterns" before, but not like these. These babies have minds of their own. Oh, and they make noises. Lots of noises. And they are unpredictable. You never know what might come out of their little mouths and when. Sort of like kids, I guess. But with kids, I like to think I have some influence. But not with these new pets. Oh, no! And if the dogs bark, I can yell "hush!" And 5 times out of 10, they listen. You know? But if you tell these new little guys "hush," they NEVER listen.

They came with names, like the toy company names them. But of course, those names are never sufficient. My children always have to rename them. And those names change many times. Spencer finally settled on "Henry" for his. And that darn Henry kept wanting to stay at Bay's house. Several times, he got left over there. I had to do some fast talkin' to keep us from having to head over to Bay's house in our jommies to retrieve said Hamster.

Well, last Sunday, Henry and Spencer were in the same place because Jess and Spence spent the night with May and Bay and of course, Henry. So it was time to head to church, and of course, Henry wanted to go.

OK, you know how I said those darn Zhu Zhus cannot control themselves. Well, that is not totally true. There is some hidden magic button that can make them quiet. (The kids and dogs DO not have one of those. . .) Only I don't know where the button is. May found it and has been our appointed official Zhu Zhu whisperer. So Spencer brings a sleeping Henry into church. He has not been stimulated or "woken up" lately. Everything is fine. Spencer placed Henry in my purse to rest during the service.

Per the routine, the choir sang. Then it was time for the Children's Sermon. All the kids ran up to sit at the front and potentially embarrass their parents on the big screen using a microphone. After the sermonette is over, they all run out of the sanctuary to head downstairs for Children's Church. After I make sure they went to the right place, I always settle into my pew just in time for the sermon. You know, the sermon? Where the preacher inspires us with stories and scriptures? Where everyone in the sanctuary is very quiet, hanging on every word?

Yeah, well, as I was sitting there, I needed some chap stick. So I slowly and quietly reached down to grab my purse. When I reached in, I somehow woke up that darn Henry. And I panicked! People were starting to sort of look over their shoulders to see what the noise was. So I tossed him to May. Well, then he was even LOUDER because he was out int he open and not muffled by my purse. She is trying to work her hamster whisperer magic, but of course, the stakes are high because we want Henry to hush, like 5 minutes ago, you know? So I reach over and grab that noisy little fur ball and head out the big doors.

Whew. He is outside of the sanctuary. But now what?! I am looking around. Trying to find an answer. Where to put him? I want him to be still and also sort of hidden away. I mean, I would hate for a good Samaritan to come by and take old Henry to the Humane Society for adoption, you know?

And all of a sudden, it hit me. The perfect place to tuck little Henry in for a nap. He would be out of the way and not readily visible. AND I would know right where to find him after church was over.
The name tag holder!

And so Henry hung out right here until after the service. May, Bay, and I went to children's church to pick up the children and to the name tag holder, aka, Hamster Church to pick up good old Henry!

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