Friday, March 19, 2010

Furry Friday - March 19

My Dunken.
Dunken has been our baby since we were first married. He was born a week before our marriage. He has been with us everywhere we have been. He has been all over Europe.
I have posted before that he gets up early with me every morning and "helps" me get the kids off to school. And he usually rides with me to take and pick up Spencer at his school.

Lately, though, he has become much more determied to go with me everywhere I go. I can tell you this because he tries to get in the car all the time. Several times a day. He is always trying to sneak into the garage. (And yes, much to David's dismay, the kids' van doors are almost always open.) I will realize I have not seen him in a while, and I will go looking for him. He is ALWAYS in the car. Bless him.

He wants to go with me everywhere. He has to sit in the car while I run errands, but he does not seem to mind. He just wants to go. I think he thinks I need him. I guess I do!
And he is not taking any chances that I might leave without him.
He is my right hand man.
I use a clothes basket to take supplies to Awana each week - he does love laundry baskets. . .
My buddy.

My helper.
He is so precious!

He takes such good care of us!

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