Thursday, March 4, 2010

simple pleasures

Life can be hard. And stressful. Some days are even stressful AND hard at the same time. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up. And for me, chocolate usually fits that bill. Or any other "sweet treat," really. Or margaritas. But my kids are not allowed to drink margaritas and most drive-in windows do not have margaritas on the menu (except some places did have mixed drinks at drive-in windows when we were in Louisiana - gotta love no open container law. . .). Oh, and there is some rule about drinking alone or something that makes me think I should not fire up the blender and make myself a pitcher when I am the only adult home. You know? And then what if someone needs to go to the emergency room, and I am drunk. See the problem?

So I go back to "sweet treats." I love to get desserts from restaurants to go. Then I can eat it when I am at home in my jommies all ready for bed. It is always a good reward for being such a great wife and mother every day. You know, celebrating the little victories like, feeding everyone almost 3 times or remembering to buy toilet paper at the commissary or waking up in time to take a shower before taking Spencer to school or putting Jessa's library book in her backpack on library day. It is all about little victories, people.

There are also the "sweet treats" that you can swing by and pick up. These are great because they require no real work AND I can do it in my jommies. (In case you did not realize it, I really like to wear jommies, but I cannot bring myself to do it in public. . .) Like a blizzard. My friend Tara and I were addicted to them when we were at Ft. Lee. She would come and eat supper with us and almost always brought us a "Cool Treat" from our local DQ. But my all time favorite "sweet treat" from a drive-in window is the delicious, delectable Hershey's Sundae Pie from Burger King. AND the BEST thing about this love affair that I have with this pie is that nearly every military post in the whole world has a BK! Yep. When we were in Bamberg, Germany, David could make my day just by bringing me a Hershey's Pie. I am SO easy.

AND, guess what?! My babies L-O-V-E Hershey Pie! Jessa calls it "Hershey Pot Pie" which can conjure a somewhat disturbing image (think Rachel on Friends and her homemade English Trifle). Nothing can brighten their day more than us hopping in the car and heading to BK to pick up some Hershey Pie.

So this afternoon, after school, we ran some errands. And David is out of town (so rare, I know, right?), so I asked them what they wanted for supper. I said we could fix anything they wanted or go out, and they both wanted to go out. They both said, "BURGER KING!" Really, kids, Burger King? I said we could go anywhere they wanted OFF BASE. Chili's, Red Robin, Applebee's. . . They pick BK, about 1 mile from the house ON BASE. Whatever. I did say they could pick. . .

So we went in and had a lovely meal courtesy of the King.
And we brought home 3 Hershey's Sundae Pies.

And the three of us all ate them together.
The supreme "sweet treat."
We used the fancy plastic forks.
Family bonding at its BEST.

And we ate them right out of their cute little triangle boxes.

Simple Pleasures REALLY are Life's Treasures.
And it's like they always say:
The family that eats Hershey's Pie together,
STAYS together!
(or something like that. You get the idea, right?)

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