Monday, September 2, 2013

My Drama Queen

My Jessa is precious to me.  She is silly and funny and smart and beautiful.  She can be sweet.  She can be nasty.  And I love her more than life.  She makes every day fun.  Fun and challenging because oh boy is this child dramatic!

She is our drama queen FOR SURE.  She worries and makes mountains out of mole hills on a daily hourly minute to minute basis.  When Jessa is happy, all is right with the world.  And not just her world, but everyone who is in her immediate area.  Birds sing, flowers bloom, the sun shines.  But should anything, and I mean ANYTHING not go her way, heaven help us!
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To illustrate this point, I will tell you about our day.
It is Labor Day.  No school!  Yay!

We slept in, and had a lovely morning.  We were getting ready to go to a friend's house for a cook out later in the day.  I, being the on-the-ball mom already packed a bag with bathing suits, changes of clothes, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer (for Jessa, of course), etc.  When Jessa saw which towel I packed.  The world almost ended.  It was not the towel she wanted.  It was not the right towel.  How could I have been so wrong??  She proceeded to remove the towel that I had packed (on the bottom of the bag) and take it back to the linen closet and carefully select the perfect towel.  I love repacking bags!

Next, I suggested she wear her Crocs since they are perfect for pool and creek playing.  She looked at me like I had two heads.  Her Crocs?  Her CROCS?!  "MOM!  They are outside and they most definitely have bugs and spider webs in them.  Spider Webs!"  So I told her we could clean them.  She had to get a paper towel to touch them and bring them in for me to wash.  In the sink.  With soap and HOT water.  Then hand dry.  She inspected them and thankfully they passed muster.  But she didn't want to wear them.  She wanted to pack them.  But not in the bag with everything else.  In their own bag. *sigh*
(So she wore her "high heels" instead)

Later they were swimming.  She was jumping off the diving board over and over.  She was having fun.  But several times, when her head would pop out of the water and she would holler "Oh My!  I was not breathing!"  Well, yes, when you HOLD YOUR BREATH, you are not breathing.  The next time her head popped up, "I almost didn't make it!"  Luckily, the near death experiences did not prevent her from continuing to jump into the pool over and over and over.

 Before supper, they were playing in the creek.  She slipped on some rocks.  She did scrape her knees and her ankle.  And she had a pretty big cut on her shin.  But Spencer came tearing up to where we were sitting to tell me.  Everyone briefly got worried until I explained that it was just Jessa, and it probably was not that serious.  By the time I got to her, she was limping along.  I asked her if we needed to amputate it.  She was not amused.  As we walked into the house to clean up the wounds, she sighed and said, "Mom, I don't think I am going to be able to go to school tomorrow."   That's our Jessa!

And finally, after supper, she limped over to play on a swing set.  She was barely gone a minute when she limped back.  She saw spider eggs.  She cannot be near spider eggs.  And once we got home, she was in tears because she knew those spider eggs were all over her.  She hurried into the shower and used 2 soaps and 2 shampoos, just to be sure.

And as she was heading to bed, after changing her bandages, she hollered back, "Can you at least write me a note to excuse me from PE?"

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