Monday, September 9, 2013

My little boy, I mean man, I mean boy...

Spencer is a pretty funny little dude. 
 Many times when I recount things that he has said, I know that people aren't sure if I am exaggerating.  I assure you that I am not. 
Then even if people believe me, it does lose a little something in translation. 
So please know that even as I type, I am aware that no matter how hard I try, I can never fully capture the silly nuttiness that is Spencer.

One of the funny things he does these days is distinguish himself as being a "man" or a kid."  And of course, it always suits his needs.  For example, I am fussing at them to stop acting up in a store.  He looks up at me with puppy dog eyes and says, "Mom, we are just kids.  Kids having fun." - which momentarily makes me question my fussing.  Am I being too hard on them?  They are just kids, after all.  WAIT A SECOND!  Then I snap back to reality and realize that they can still be "just kids" without Spencer giving Jessa a piggy back ride while she pushes every button on every toy on the entire row while singing "My Diamond Sword."  They can be "just kids."  Just well-behaved kids.

On some days, he will want to be "manly."  "Boy am I hungry mom, I need a manly snack."  Then 20 minutes later, I ask him to kill a spider, you know, something "manly."  Then he comes back with "Manly?  No, mom, I a not manly.   I am 'kidly.'  I can't do that!"

He recently started subscribing to a magazine.  He thinks there are certain times and places that "men" need to be able to read their magazines.  He is relieved to finally always have a magazine to take with him into the certain place at that certain time to read his magazine.  You know, like "men" do?

As we all sit down to supper some nights, he will say, "I am starving!  Hurry up and say the blessing.  Mom!  A man's gotta eat!"  He does indeed.

Now this last one makes me giggle every time I think about it. 
At supper the other night, he said, out of the blue,
"Mom.  Remember when we lived at Scott?" 
Of course.
"And I was in Kindergarten?" 
"And I was in Mrs. K's class?" 
With you so far.
"And I had a locker?" 
Yep, still tracking.

"Did you know I had to share my locker with someone else?" 
Sure, I guess so.
"I did not like that."
Um, OK, what a random thought over tacos. 
I wonder why you didn't like sharing a locker, son. 
Please, do tell.
"Well, a man needs his own space." 
(trying not to laugh) 

"But don't worry, Mom.  I don't mind sharing here.  I mean, we do have 3 hooks."

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