Thursday, September 12, 2013

4th Grade Politics

So, our Jessa had a tough time adjusting to the move from Scott to Ft. Campbell last summer.  She is a classic "grass is always greener" child who fondly recalls every aspect of life in Illinois through a lovely shade of rose colored glasses.  To be fair, I may have a touch of this as well...  It was a wonderful assignment, but here is good, too!  Last year, she just refused to see it, though.  And every tiny issue she had would make her wish she wasn't here.  She wanted to be back at Scott.  Her best friend in the world, Lauren, moved last summer, too.  But she just couldn't seem to get past the fact that all of her problems (at least in her mind) started when we moved.

I had anticipated this.  They both started to school at Scott.  Jessa went there for 3 years - and that is a long time in the life of an Army kid.  But I did not know how difficult her adjustment would be.  She liked her teacher a lot, and she was involved in activities.  Her grades were good.  But most days, she begged me to let her stay home.  We persevered, though and finished 3rd grade.  Jessa was THRILLED to have summer stretching out before her. 

So when it was time to go back to school, I was a little nervous.  My heart couldn't take another tough year.  I always knew she was fine once she got to school.  Last year, I checked on her lots during the day without her ever knowing it.  But those mornings were ROUGH.

Before school started, she met her teacher because we were at school with the PTO serving the teachers a welcome back breakfast.  And she was instantly excited! 

School started.  She didn't complain.
She still didn't enjoy getting up early, but once she was awake, she was in a half way decent mood.
She didn't fuss about homework.
She was overall, in a good mood.

Then she came home and told me that she wanted to run for Student Council.  As a former Student Council Rep myself, I was so proud.  And ever since she found out about that, she has been pumped!  Even more excited to go to school.  She wrote her speech the day she brought home the permission slip.  She made her poster that weekend.

She came up with her slogan - "Jessa is the Key to Success!"  I told her that I married her Daddy with the thought in mind that someday she or Spencer may need to campaign for something.  Talk about planning ahead!

She came up with ideas of things to hand out to her class to help them remember to vote for her.  I helped with the technical parts, but she really did all the hard work herself.  She even solicited a campaign contribution from May and Bay.  Campaign Merchandise does not come cheap!
She was so focused!  So driven!  So excited!
Key Chains :)

Pencils - to cast their vote!

She practiced her speech.  A LOT.  She read it to David in Afghanistan more than once.  She read it to May and Bay.  And let's just say that Spencer and I could probably give the darn thing without looking at the notes.

She paid attention to how she dressed every day.  Her goal was "professional."  As her mother, I LOVED this because once she started dressing herself, I am not always totally impressed with her choices.

After a week of campaigning, Monday was the speech.  There were 6 children in Jessa's class running.  And all of their speeches were really good.  They were all so brave - they didn't even look nervous.

Note how professional she looks.
 Immediately after the speeches, they got out a piece of paper and voted.  Each kid could vote for 2 people to represent their class.  I promise you that I cannot remember the last time I had so any butterflies in my stomach!  After the vote, her teacher said that it would be announced FRIDAY. 

FRIDAY!?  We have to wait 4 more days?  Really?
I was afraid I might not makes it.  But it was kind of nice to be able to relax and know that it was all over, one way or another.

Then this afternoon, just before dismissal, there was an announcement.
The newly elected Student Council - the announcement we had been waiting for.

5th grade went first.
Hurry up!

Now 4th Grade!

She is beside herself.
And I am so relieved. 
Her hopes were up really high. 
I was really concerned about nursing her bruised ego if she did not win. 
She worked so hard.
I am glad that she can see her hard work pay off.
Plus, she gets to roll up her sleeves and get started right away.

Her first meeting is Monday.
At 7:30.
I am happy for her, really I am.


Lynn said...

YEA!!!! We voted for Jessa!!!!

Lynn said...

Yea! We voted for Jessa!

meredith said...

Way to Jessa! Congratulations!