Sunday, September 8, 2013


Socks.  You need them.  You like them.  They keep your feet warm.  The can help you express your style.  They keep blisters away.  They can aid in the prevention of stinky feet.

I always buy the kids way more socks that they need.  The have a habit of losing them.  They take them off all over the place: the den, the kitchen, the car, the front yard, the back patio.

Last week, Jessa's drawer was full of clean pairs of socks.
Tuesday morning, when it was time to get ready for school, she was in her room getting ready.  And she hollered to me, "Mom, I don't have any clean socks!"  I was taken aback.  Less than a week ago, she had ALL clean socks.  I went into her room and saw this:
Looks pretty barren in there, huh?  She was right.  But where could they all have gone?  She has 50 pairs (I am guessing, but I am sure it is close to that.).  It has only been 4 days.  What is up?!

I checked Spencer's drawer.
Hmmm...  Jessa's should look like that, too.

I checked her dirty clothes.
FULL of socks.

I asked her what happened.  She explained that she had gotten out of the shower and put on socks.  Then she walked around and decided that those socks were now too dirty for her bed.  So she got a new pair.  And then she went into the kitchen.  And that dirtied the new pair.  So she got another new pair.  And this went on all of the 4 day weekend.  And now it is Tuesday, time for school, and no clean socks.  Luckily there were clothes that I had folded and not had a chance to put away yet.  Those socks got us through the week.

Now it is the weekend.
I am doing laundry again.
Guess who is helping me wash socks??
And now I am considering keeping her socks in the strong box...

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