Sunday, March 15, 2009

The boy in the tractor shirt

Tales from preschool. . .

I am somewhat of a fanatic about my children (have you noticed that yet??). I am not saying never, of course, but as of right now I am unwilling to carpool to school. I am not saying that I will not drive other people's kids to and from school, but I cannot let go of the "drop off" and "pick up" with my children. I still want to be the last person they see when I drop them off and be able to kiss them (as long as they will let me) and tell them to have a good day. And I am so excited to be there to pick them up each day. I love the way their faces light up (especially Spencer's) as their eyes meet mine after a day apart. I am cheesy, I know! In fact the few times that David is able to go with them on his own, it is hard for me to even let him have the honored position of "drop off" person or "pick up" person. I do, though. He is their father, after all. I guess it is not unheard of for me to let him do something, Lord knows he wants to help! But suffice it to say, most days they are at school, I drop them off and pick them up.

The drop off is still pretty sad for Spencer - he is still suffering from a brief (like 10 seconds) burst of unhappiness when I leave him. But the picking up is the BEST! When Spencer and I approach Jessa, he hollers, "Jessa, we are here!" And I love to hear them excitedly telling me about their days. And there is not another time that they will even discuss their days. You have to get them right then, or forget it! At supper each night, I ask them to tell David some of the stories they told me, and I can rarely get either one of them to tell him, much less elaborate. They say, "You tell him."

Their most excited days are days they saw each other. This is the coolest thing ever. They both tell me from their own perspective what it was like to see the other one in their class. Jessa told me once that after seeing Spencer she almost cried after he was gone because it made her miss him so much. So sweet. . .

They dressed themselves - and we were at the mall. Luckily, we did not see anyone we knew!

The other day, Jessa was so excited to tell me about a boy problem she was having. (it is scary because she is 5, and David does not want to even think of her having a "boy problem." Apparently, there is a boy in her class that has decided he likes her. So he has taken to following her around. This frustrates her so much!

All the way home (and even after) she was recounting all the times he frustrated her. I have a feeling it was not as big of a deal as my drama queen was making it. He followed her to centers, he always stood behind her in line, he chased her on the playground. So I asked her who it was. She said, "you know, mom, the boy in the tractor shirt." I did not laugh, but I wanted to. I asked her what was his name. She did not know and again told me he was the one in the tractor shirt.

Once we were home, she brought it up again. This time, I was armed with her class snack calendar. So I went down the list looking for boy sounding names (although these days, it is hard to tell!). Jessa said no to each and every name. And she was starting to get frustrated with me, "I told you, he was wearing a shirt with a tractor today." I only saw a couple kids in the morning and a couple in the afternoon, so I never noticed what any of them were wearing! She even described it to me in more detail: "He was wearing pants. He had on a shirt. It was red and there was this tractor on it. Remember?" No, I did not. Poor Jessa, her mother is just so dumb!

When she told David at supper, he got the same answer. So we have no idea who this kid was. And he apparently got over her quickly because she has not complained much anymore.

But just in case, let me go on record: you, in the tractor shirt, leave Jessa alone!

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