Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Socks: not just for feet anymore

My ever so resourceful son has found many uses for his socks throughout his short life. When he was smaller and we were in the car a while, I would look back at him to find him playing with his socks. His MO was to struggle to get his shoes off, and then he'd wiggle his socks off. They would then be carefully placed onto his hands. They could be puppets, he could try to pick things up with his sock hands, and he loved the sound of clapping his sock covered hands together. I searched for a picture to post, but I was heartbroken when I could not find one. Could it be I did not capture this precious Spencer stage?? I must believe there is a picture somewhere.

He has recently started using his socks for small bags. He takes them off and puts cars or trains or money or any small thing he can fit into his little socks. He carries them around with him all over the place. I love to find them later and peek in to see what treasures he has hidden inside.
One afternoon last week, he found yet another new use. I must say I would never have thought of this. And it is somewhat, well, gross. Apparently, you can put your animal crackers inside of your previously worn socks. Why don't more people do this? I mean, it is more Eco friendly, right?

God Bless Spencer! Such a precious little booger! And Max spent HOURS licking and chewing on the sock left behind trying to get to the cookies. He never did. . . Spencer is pretty smart, huh? His sock kept his snack safe from Mr. Max!

And a quick update: I saw the little boy in the tractor shirt!!! This morning when Spencer and I were dropping Jessa off, she motioned for me to get down to her level. She whispered and sort of gestured to let me know which little boy it was. I am so relieved to have this mystery solved.

AND I am kicking myself for not being attentive enough. There was a permission slip (or so I thought) taped to the sign-in clip board this morning. They were watching a movie about St. Patrick's Day and wanted parents to sign. I quickly signed it (Spencer was already starting to get upset about his impending drop-off and was on my foot latched onto my leg at the time) because I did not want her to miss anything fun, right? Well, this afternoon, she told me that her class got to watch a movie, but she had to leave! I wanted to cry for her. What an idiot I am! The list was for parents who did not want their kids to watch. Not only do I hate that she missed something fun, but I also hate that the other kids probably thought she was weird. I will definitely read more carefully next time. Poor Jessa!

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