Thursday, March 26, 2009

An extra special guest

Spencer's class has a very special member. He is not very talkative, but he is a great listener. He gives great hugs. He always lets his friends choose what game to play, so everyone wants to play with him. He is a good friend to each and every other class member. He makes people so happy. We are so lucky to know someone like this. His name is Beary Bear.

Each day, the teacher lets one student take Beary home for a sleepover. He has a cool backpack where he hangs out and has a journal. Each person he visits, records all the fun adventures that Beary has at their house in the journal. Some people even include pictures. And then every day at circle time, Miss Christina reads the journal entry aloud and lets Beary's buddy elaborate. And then it is time to choose Beary's new sleepover friend.

Spencer has been talking about Beary ever since we started this new school. He could not wait for his turn. Conveniently, Beary's visit corresponds with your snack turn. Since the calendar was already done for February, we had to wait for the new schedule. And yesterday, it was finally our turn to host Beary for the night.

Words cannot accurately express how precious my baby boy was when I walked up to his classroom. He was BEAMING with pride, grinning from ear to ear, and wearing Beary's backpack. I will never forget that sweet look on his face. And as we were walking to get his backpack and go to find Jessa, he was strutting! Other kids and moms from other classes saw the backpack and were saying things like "Oh, there's Beary!" and "It's his turn with Beary!" This made him EVEN more proud and excited. Jessa noticed right away and asked what the backpack was. Spencer proudly replied, "Beary." When we got to the car, he pulled him out to show us. Jessa was immediately green with envy. She said, "I think I picked the wrong class! I should have picked his class so I could have Beary, too." My explanation as to how they were placed in classes based on their birthdays fell on deaf ears. . .
I did not have the camera when I got to his class,
so this is right when we got home. He was still pretty fired up!

This is Beary coming out of the bag to get his grand tour of the house.

Boy was Beary tired when he got here. Jessa's penguin was happy to share a bed.

Spencer was thrilled to let Beary do everything with him. He carried him everywhere. Poor Beary is showing the signs of spending every night with another family. He is definitely loved. His eyes are wearing off and the Care Bear's logo has worn off his booty. But he still seems thrilled to play with all of his friends.

Did I mention Spencer took him everywhere?

Beary enjoyed the playground, and he LOVES trains!

We went to the PX, and Spencer made sure that Beary was strapped into the car seat.

Safety first, especially with special friends.

Spencer let Beary ride in the cart with him while we shopped. Then they got to ride the carousel because they were so well-behaved while we were running our errands.

What a cool idea this Beary the spend the night company! The kids LOVE it. They look so forward to it. And they feel so proud and so important. Plus, it reminds the parents about snack day! It is a win/win, wouldn't you agree??

Spencer snuggled Beary close all night. The he cried the next day when he had to come home without his new friend. Never fear, after 11 more students, it will be our turn again! YAY!

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MaryBeth said...

It is completely adorable that you can see the pride on his face!

What a smart teacher he has!!