Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spencer's Bionic Ears

When Spencer was born, they did all the usual newborn tests. To be honest, it is all a blur with the preeclamsia and being on magnesium and his coming early and David being still in Iraq, you know the story. . . The point is that my perfect precious baby failed his newborn hearing test TWICE! When it was almost time to discharge us, they repeated the test one more time. IF he did not pass in both ears, we were going to be sent home with a referral to a specialist. The nurses told me that it must have just been fluid in his ears because he passed the last one with flying colors.

Once he could ask questions, his favorite one was "what's that noise?" He asked it constantly. An airplane, a car, a coke fizzing, a doorbell, a dog, you name it! Many times they were noises that I did not even notice. So the standing joke is, "And this is the kid who failed his newborn hearing test!" He still notices so many things he hears that others do not. He can hear the coffee brewing from the back of the house or a train whistle miles away.

So one morning last week, May's alarm clock went off. At first, I did not even hear it. He smiled at me and said, "What's that noise?" I said, "May's alarm." Well, he grinned even bigger, jumped up, and screamed, "FIRE!" and took off running all over the house. He cracks me up.

And forget trying to say something about him in a hushed tone if he is anywhere around. He can always hear you and says, "Stop talkin' bout me!"

I was sitting on the front porch the other day, and my Spence was in my lap. He had just woken up from a nap and was laying still on my chest. A small breeze blew, and it shifted some leaves around. His head popped up and he said, "what's that noise?" I had not even thought about the wind blowing or what it sounded like. Spencer is so good for me because he helps me stop and smell the roses or in this case, hear the wind (OK, I know that you cannot actually hear wind). He is always listening. . .

I guess it is good his hearing is so good, lately he has been complaining of not being able to see. He even squints and feels around until he can find his glasses. He wears them out to eat, grocery shopping, in the car, and anywhere he might need to see well. We have gotten some stares, but mostly smiles. I guess I am just relieved that he does have his hearing,
oh, and some glasses that can help him see better:

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