Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monster Trucks

When I was a little girl, the Monster Trucks came to the Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. And Daddy would take Lucas and me. We would sometimes go with other Dads and other kids. I guess it was OK. I do not think this is a particularly girly thing to go to, but I went. Daddy would have never taken Lucas somewhere and not me. And one time, the last time I went, I actually lay my head down in Daddy's lap and fell asleep. He found this incident much more amusing than my sitting with my back to his precious Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium. David did not believe me when I told him that I took a nap during a loud monster truck event. We even called Daddy to confirm, which he did.

Our friends from NGC, Skip and Jo Ann just moved to Ft. Stewart. Skip called David to see if our family wanted to join his family for a Monster Truck show just outside Savannah. We said, Sure! I will openly admit to being a bit apprehensive about it. Loud, dirty trucks did not sound like a good way to spend a Saturday night, but I thought I would give it a try.

At first the kids were reluctant to go as well. The first concern was the name. I was asked more than once, "Will monsters be there?" and "Are they scary?" I finally got through to them that it was just a name. The next fear was from Spencer who did not want to ride in a big truck. Jessa then echoed this concern. I told them we were merely watching. Then Jessa did not understand why we were going just to watch. So then I told her it was like a race, and we were going to cheer for a winner. This last explanation did the trick! So we were all set to go to the monster truck races.

We stopped for supper on the way, and I must tell you they were so precious. David kept laughing and asking who the children at our table were! In the car on the way, they were ready to fight because his foot touched her seat, and then she touched him, etc. We walked in the door, and they instantly loved each other. They shared crayons, they shared their drinks, and they chatted like best friends! They played "I Spy" nicely and quietly. They scooted their booster seats closer together. They hugged. They giggled. They even fed each other! It was such a joy!! The two of them have NO idea how happy it makes me and David to see them treat each other so nicely and to be so loving with each other. What a bright spot!!
Our sweet dinner companions
We got to the Oglethorpe Speedway about an hour before it was supposed to start. We met up with our friends and their little boy. It was his first Monster Truck Event as well. Jessa and Spence immediately spotted expensive souvenirs that they wanted, so we were off to a good start.

Spencer's favorite part of any event: the cotton candy.
Once we found our seats, we started waiting. That was our main complaint all night - a lot of waiting. They had this clown dude who was supposed to be passing the time, but he was only mildly amusing. And most of his jokes were over the heads of our children (thankfully!!!).

Checking it all out and waiting. Jessa did not want me to take a picture of her earplugs.
BUT the kids were checking out the trucks and picking their favorites. Jessa decided she liked Hot Tamale because his red truck looked like bubble gum.

This is Hot Tamale - a picture I found on their website since ours did not turn out so well!
Spencer decided he like the Undertaker because his car had "teef" painted on it where a mouth would go.

Spencer's favor tie Undertaker - also not my picture.

After some more waiting, Jessa turned her back to the track and folded her arms and declared, "I am not watching this anymore." Well, I guess she comes by that honestly, right?
I guess she is my daughter. . .
I thought it was all pretty amazing and scary. Jessa got into it immediately after it started. She would jump up and cheer at the right moment! She even started pointing and screaming at the cars. I have no idea where she got this from, but she started screaming, "Yeah! Go!! Own it! Own it!" It made sense for her to scream that, I guess, but I have no clue where she learned it. If that were not funny enough, Spencer in an attempt to emulate his sister began screaming what he thought she was screaming. So my sweet boy started screaming, "Ornament! Ornament!" I thought I would cry I was laughing so hard!

One of the times she jumped up to cheer!

Jessa was fascinated and really excited.
Spencer was serious and 'solemn as a judge.'
Jessa ended up liking the Ghost Ryder and the Equalizer better than the Hot Tamale. She liked their tricks best. I guess she learned not to judge a monster truck by its cover!

Not my pictures - The Equalizer from the Monster Truck Nationals Website
and the Ghost Ryder from

Spencer stuck with the Undertaker even though he did not do as well.

It was a different way to spend an evening. It was loud and dirty, but it was fun to watch the kids checking out something new. Overall, Jessa and Spencer liked it more than our friend's little boy. His favorite part was the water truck that sprayed down the dirt during intermission and the dirt moving equipment that shaped the dirt ramps. Toward the end, Jessa was tired and even cried big tears when Hot Tamale's car broke apart (which David found out later he does all the time - it is his thing). Spencer was worried about the wrecked cars that they were running over. I got tons of questions: "What happened to them? How did they wreck? Was anyone hurt? Where did they wreck? Why did they wreck?"
Jessa smiling with earplugs and
hardheaded Spencer, who refused to wear earplugs and just covered his ears all night!

So despite my initial apprehension, I am glad that I went! It was something to do that turned out to be pretty fun!

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