Friday, March 6, 2009

Fruit, missing skewers, wet shoes, and no coke

First, so sorry I have been MIA. My Momma was here for a whole week for a visit, so I was occupied. We all enjoyed her visit so much. The kids were happy to have another lap, another hand to hold, and someone to run to when Mommy was "mean."
Walking with their May on one of the many fun trips out to eat that May financed during her visit!

What a crazy couple of days we have had! I do not know when I have looked so forward to a Friday. So. . . our new school has a snack schedule. This is the first place we have been that has this. I was actually kind of excited to be able to do something cool for my babies' classes. And Jessa's first turn was on Thursday. BUT I am not content to just do the same thing as everyone else. I wanted to do something fun and cool. Momma said, "be careful, you are setting the standards high! What will you do next time?" David said, "The other moms will hate you." I decided that even if they were right, I still wanted to do something cool regardless of the consequences.

I talked it over with Jessa and (of course) googled it. We came up with colors of the rainbow fruit. And it was so much fun! First, Jess, Spence, and I went to the commissary after school Wednesday. We checked out the fruit section to find the right colors. We decided on strawberries, watermelon, oranges, cantaloupe, pineapple, bananas, kiwi, honeydew, blueberries, and purple grapes. We had trouble finding blueberries, but the nice produce lady went to the back and produced the last 3 packages they had!! Yay! When we were searching for something green, Spencer got all excited when he saw some really under ripe, green bananas. But then Jessa said, "No, Spencer, those just need some more time. Just be patient and then BLAMMO, they'll be bananas!"

I also wanted to do some fruit dip. We could not find any. So I found a recipe and made some delicious dip after we got home with the fruit. Then I thought, "oh, no, what to put it in." I wanted something that was disposable, neat, and small for each child. You know, something like the little cups you get nacho cheese in at Taco Bell or icing at Cinnabon? So I headed to Cinnabon, and $1.09 later, I had 11 cups with tops for individual dips for each of Jessa's classmates. I was so proud and excited!!
Aren't I clever? Individual homemade fruit dip for 11!

The kids were so happy to help me get the fruit ready to go. Jessa was calling me "boss" and David "dishwasher" (can you guess what he was doing?). She had on her apron and was serious about her jobs. She and Spencer were both balling fruit like champs! Jessa actually sliced an orange with a butter knife (since she is not allowed to use anything sharper). OK, maybe hacked up would be a more appropriate description of what she did to the poor orange.
The chefs trying to slice oranges. . .
Even David enjoyed our fruit-filled kitchen!
The dishwasher was on a fruity break. . .
After we got all the fruit ready and the dip divided into the individual cups, I wanted to at least get the skewers ready to do Thursday morning. We decided to wait because we did not want to cut the bananas too early. I know we have tons of those bamboo skewers for grilling, but I could not find them. Darn movers! I remember what Rubbermaid container they were in pre-move, but last night we searched everywhere and never found them. After more than an hour of wasting time and emptying out closets and containers, I went to Wal-Mart at 10 PM to get more! The darn things only cost 97 cents for 200!! Thank goodness for Super Wal-Mart!

Thursday morning, I assembled the rainbow fruit kabobs using the precious and hard to find skewers, and David even trimmed off the sharp tips for safety. I think they turned out well:

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple - in fruit form!
Don't they look delicious??
When I went to pick them up that day, I went to Spencer's class first. He was in different pants - never a good sign when you pick up your preschooler in different clothes from when you dropped them off. Bless his independent heart! He needed to potty and went to the bathroom- without telling anyone. The light was not on, and he still did not call for help. Poor baby finally asked for help after he had gone potty all over his clothes, shoes and the bathroom since he could not see what he was doing!! And he was most sad about his boo-boo. He was so pitiful, hanging his head and mumbling to tell me about it. His teacher and I just reassured him that no one was upset with him. BUT his shoes were wet, so he was hanging out in his sock feet. I decided to just let him go in sock feet. So I am trying to carry him, both back packs, both coats, and a laundry basket full of the snack remnants. Not easy considering there are doors to open, etc. But he was being such a trooper, and he was in a good mood. He could not wait to go find Jessa - he really misses her at school.

My sweet baby's sock feet and his shoes drying in the sun when we got home.
We were headed to get Miss Jessa from the playground, which is where we pick her up most days. We got almost there, and she headed toward us. The first question she asked me was "Did you bring me a Bay's coke?" (code for diet coke with Lime, my Daddy's favorite kind, so also Jessa's) OK, I did tell her this morning that I would, but it slipped my mind. David was home for lunch when I was leaving and his car was blocking me, so I was running late. I started explain this to her when she LOST it!
"I am hot and miserable and sweating and hungry and I want my Bay's coke!"

The object of her desire. . .
I was instantly angry with her display! I had to put Spencer down (in the dirty, rocky parking lot in his sock feet) and talk hard to her to get her to settle down. She wasted a good several minutes standing in the hot parking lot pitching her fit. I told her in a not-so-nice tone, "You are standing here getting hotter when you could be in the car WITH air conditioning on your way to the ice cold coke at home!" After a small scene and my blood pressure rising, I got her into the car, and we were finally on the way home. And I did not even get to talk to her about the snack, darn it. I was too frustrated to ask her, which was OK because she was too infuriated with me to answer.

After all the fruit shopping, chopping, and balling, after the skewer searching and buying, after the sock footed trip to the parking lot, and after a forgotten coke, I am still not sure if anyone even ate the snack, much less liked it. What a mess!! Oh well! I tried. . .

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Michelle said...

I like this - it is like a to be continued story to find out how the fruit went over!!
Have a great weekend you guys!