Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I wonder. . .

If you are reading this and you do not have a preschooler, much of this may not make sense. I apologize if I confuse anyone, but there are some things that I really wonder after watching some TV with my babies. I know that I should not let these things get to me, but I cannot help wondering. . .

Do Max and Ruby have parents? We never see a mom or dad. There is a grandmother, but she does not live with them. What's up with that? And I do not think that Ruby is a responsible care giver to Max. Jessa and I think that she is not very patient with him most of the time. OR she leaves him unattended long enough to get into trouble. . . My friend Tara can attest to the frustration over Ruby leaving him alone to get dirty again and again. This is made more frustrating by the fact that her Ben wants to watch it over and over!!
Max and Ruby - on Nickelodeon
That being said I do love Rosemary Wells, the creator of Max and Ruby. She wrote one of my favorite books growing up was Timothy Goes to School. She is also the author of another series of books, my all-time favorite books since they are about a Westie named McDuff. . .

Gotta love that Wesite face
They are illustrated by Susan Jeffers, and she captures the Westie personality and expressions perfectly! Both Wells and Jeffers actually own Westies, which makes me love them more.
(nothing that I wonder about - just a quick plug, we LOVE these books)

On Little Bear, how come they always call the animals "cat" or "skunk" or "duck." In the forest where Little Bear lives is there only one cat or skunk? Wouldn't this system of names be confusing if there were 2 ducks? What would you call the other Duck? Duck 2?
Little Bear on Noggin
Along the same lines, in Franklin, he is the only one that has a name other than the type of animal he is. Why is he so special? And his parents are Mr. Turtle and Mrs. Turtle. Are all turtles in their forest named that? If so, I'd hate to be the mail-animal in their neighborhood!
Franklin on Noggin
How does Hello Kitty eat? Jessa asked me when she was like 3, "Mommy, where is Hello Kitty's mouth?" And I noticed that she did not have one! I played with Hello Kitty when I was little, yet I never noticed that. I guess I am not very observant.

Look Ma, No mouth!

When Max and Emmy go to dragon land, where do their mom and dad think they are? On that same note, when Boo is with Sully and Mike, do her folks not notice she is gone? Is there a search party? Police called?

Dragon Tales on PBS Kids Sprout

Disney's Monsters Inc.
Who is the bread winner in Calliou's family? I am all for stay-at-home dads or dual career families, but both of his parents are always around. Daddy (or mommy) never have to miss any fun trips to the museum or the park. What's up with that? Are they rich? Did they win the lottery? Is that how things are in Canada? David may want us to move if this is the case!

Caillou's Family Portrait - with both parents always there

Watching children's television makes me wonder many things. . . David laughs at me because he wonders who is watching these shows - them or me? Like when he sees me sitting on the floor putting together a puzzle alone. He always asks, who did you buy that for you or the children??


Mary said...

Oh my!!! I haven't giggled that hard in a while. ALL very valid questions. Chris and I ask the exact same questions about Max and Ruby. We tend to discuss it everytime we are on a car trip and have to listen to "Max and Ruby! Ruby and Max!" about 1 million times. Thanks for the fun post.

Tara said...

Great post! I don't think I ever noticed that about Hello Kitty either . . . We've been watching mostly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately so I'm less baffled by M & R . . . out of sight, out of mind! I am really questioning the whole Goofy - Pluto thing though. Both dogs? Only one can talk . . . and poor Goofy has to have a cow as his girlfriend while both Mickey and Donald get one of their own "species" . . . and what is Pete? A book we have says he is a cat but I just don't see it!

Tiffany said...

Not only are Caillou's parent's always around, they also both work, but it never seems to matter if they're late or if Caillou goes with them. As for Max and Ruby, Rich says their parents are probably off making more bunnies since rabbits are like that. I'm not convinced and why doesn't "baby Huffington" have a name???