Friday, June 5, 2009


I have a curio cabinet. It is full of all my fragile "pretties." I have Precious Moments, Hummels, Kaiser Porcelain, crystal figurines, Westies, and I have all the original boxes. David makes fun of me because we always have a storage room full of empty boxes, but things are shipped more safely in the original cartons.

In the shed at Ft. Stewart, there were 2 big boxes of smaller "pretties" boxes. When we got ready to pack up the curio before the packers came, I went out to retrieve them from the shed. I discovered that the shed had a disgusting cockroach infestation. Mimi and Poppy were at my house, and Poppy helped me kill a few that were down in the big boxes. GROSS! David bombed the shed before the stuff was moved, hoping to dispose of this unfortunate problem.

I packed up all the "pretties" on May 16 and put them back in the big boxes in the guest room to await the packers on Monday May 18. They stuffed some paper down in the boxes to make sure there was nothing that would move around and sealed the boxes. On May 20, the sealed boxes were all loaded on a big truck in like 80 degree weather. The boxes sat locked on the hot truck May 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25. May 26, the boxes were unloaded into our house. On June 2, 18 days later, I opened up one of the big dish packs with my "pretties" boxes and a COCKROACH hopped out onto the floor! WHAT?!?! The kids and I all freaked out! We were so shocked! I grabbed a heavy book and dropped it on him. (I left it there for David to handle when he got home. . .) How did he make it so long with no food, water, or air? I fully believe what they say about cockroaches being the only thing to survive a nuclear bomb.

Can you say Ewwwwwwwwwwww!?!?


Jason and Amy said...

OH YUCK! I can't say I'm surprised though! One reason I told Jason that we were NOT gonna live on base here (in no uncertain terms) is b/c there are so many roaches. I don't do roaches!

BTW, I keep meaning to tell you that I LOVE the pic of yalls shoes. It's so simple yet so symbolic!

kate said...

YUCK!!! I would've screamed. I hate, hate, hate roaches! I totally don't mind spiders or other bugs, but roaches make me want to freak out!