Friday, June 19, 2009

Tales from VBS

We went to VBS this week at our new church. I sort of cheated on the new church thing. Wait, that sounds bad- what I mean is that my Daddy visited several churches in the area and found a great one. So he did all the legwork! I had even visited the church several times when we were visiting him in the past.

The theme is Crocodile Dock. They are all really into this. Jessa is in a gator group (David is thrilled), and Spencer is in a frog group (I am the Crew Leader of his group). Each night, there is a verse: "God is always with you," or "God is Powerful," or "God always does what he says he'll do." And each time anyone says it, the kids are supposed to yell, "Fear not!" It was very cute, and they all had the hang of it by the end of each night. Each activity focused on not being afraid because God is always with them or how powerful God is or him keeping promises.

So on the way home the first night, I was trying to hurry them along. It takes forever to get strapped in to their seats for the ride home (always), so I said, "Guys, Daddy is at home all alone. He misses us and wants us to hurry." I was anxious to be home because I did not like it that we were gone on the one night this week that he is in the same state as us. They still were poking along. And I said, "Daddy is waiting and he is all alone." Spencer looked at me, smiled, and said, "But Mommy, he shouldn't be lonely, God is always with him." Gotta love it when they are paying attention!

One part of this week that has been somewhat hard to get used to is that VBS is at night. When I was coming up (oh so many years ago. . .), it was always in the morning and we were home by lunchtime. (they have also changed the motions for "this little light of mine-" I am so old!) So this is very different. It is nice because they provide supper each night (any excuse not to cook. . .), but strange because we are not getting home until like 9 o'clock. The babes are wired and fired up and overly tired. But that is not even the most troublesome part. See, when we do not leave until 5 o'clock in the afternoon, Jessa has had all day to plan and perfect her outfit. If we were scooting out the door early in the morning and they were still half asleep, I would be in total control of their wardrobe choices.

Since I am not even consulted, here are a few selections that my precious girl child has chosen for "children's church," as she refers to VBS.

I am desperate to hang a sign around her neck that says, "I picked out my own clothes and shoes."
And the sunglasses! She told me very seriously that she needed these glasses to see. She explained that she would wear her contacts, but that she forgot them. So she has kept the pink tinged ones on all week. Her crew leader said that they are not distracting and she leaves them on her face the whole time, so they are not a problem. It's just Jessa. And after all, her eye doctor did tell her she HAD to wear them, or so she told us.

Here are a few pictures from Thursday night (I have had my camera the whole week, but I guess I forgot until Thursday OR maybe it was that I was less embarrassed by Jessa's outfit Thursday???)

Posing on a"dock" before VBS

Spencer NOT PEEKING! He cracked me up at how seriously he took this! And look how LONG he is. . .

Jessa with her group - I have not seen that much of her this week. . . But her crew leader promises she is behaving.

One more story:

There are 2 children in my group that are "spirited." That is the word my Mimi uses when she wants to say bad, but she thinks "spirited" sounds better and less critical? I agree, don't you? The first night of Bible School was awful. I did not want to go back and chase and wrangle these kids for 3 hours, but I went anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. One was absent and the other was a different kid! I was telling this story to Mimi and Poppy on the phone, and Jessa was listening. She said, "I know why. The first night he was bad because he did not know God yet. He was better tonight because he knows God." Such a sweet and precious thing to say! Unfortunately, night 3 they were both there and back to their old tricks! Oh well!

Tonight is the last night. I have so enjoyed it and mostly enjoyed wathing J and S be so excited about it. I just could have done without the double dose of "spiritedness" in my group. . .


I love pictures of people from behind - especially these 2. Have I mentioned this before? I want to publish a book of pictures of people walking from behind. I am going to call it "Ifs, Ands, and Butts." Good idea??


Aunt Barb said...

Whenever I see a child that has obviously dressed themselves I always want to stop the mom and congratulate her for making such a good choice. A choice that puts her child's growing self discovery over her own pride. I never have the guts to do that...but I can say that to you - "Congratulations!" YOU are a great Mom! Cling to your sense of humor. :-) It will see you through.

MaryBeth said...

Okay, the VBS outfits Jessa selected for herself make it clear to me that she and Ella would be great, great friends!!