Tuesday, June 9, 2009

spoiled dogs and boxes

My dear Momma has spoiled my first born "child" Dunken. Ever since he was a baby, Momma has always sent him treats in every box she sends us. When we were in Germany, we got lots of care packages with American things we missed and mail. Each package (even envelopes) had at least a small treat in it. So as Pavlov would predict, each time we get a package to this day, Dunken expects there to be a treat. When we get boxes from UPS, I always have a treat handy when I open it. Now sweet Max is a little slower than Dunken, so he is never sure what is going on, but he is always more than happy for a treat.
Dunken has moved every time with us, so he is used to the whole process. He is usually unfazed by the packing and unpacking of boxes. This was Max's first move with us, so I was not sure what he would think. And having Dunken, Max, Stewart, and the fish, we were somewhat overwhelmed at the thoughts of moving with all of them. Thankfully, Momma served as our pet kennel during the packing process. We never want Stew around because the horror stories about cats being inadvertently packed in a box or hiding in the truck. But with the extra puppy, I figured things were easier without any pets.

Fast forward to the unloading on this end. . . The dogs were hanging at Daddy's house most of the time, so they missed the packing, the loading, the unloading, and a fair amount of unpacking. Once we all moved into our house full time, I resumed the unpacking. But a strange thing happened, the first time I cut into a box, Dunken got fired up and came running. The silly, spoiled dog thought that it was a package with a treat!

So I of course grabbed a few treats and let each dog "find" one.
YAY, Dunken found a treat!
Max is not sure about all this, but the treat was mighty tasty!
I have not given them one a treat every time I open a box, but I do have to keep them happy, right? And they are loving their new house with a great front window to keep an eye on the neighborhood!

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kate said...

That is hilarious!! They truly are Pavlov's dogs! I love it. And I LOVE the pics of your cute doggies in the window!