Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The pet she always wanted

We have 2 dogs. We have a cat. We have 2 fish. Wouldn't you think that our children would be satisfied? I mean, there are kids out there with NO pets, right? Our kids are lucky enough to have a handful of pets to play with, feed, take care of, LOVE.

Do you think that Jessa is satisfied with this? Nope. First of all, she wants a "real live pony." Every time she gets to make a wish (eyelash, shooting star, candles on a cake), she always wishes for a real live pony. When I ask her where would we keep it, she tells me, "My Daddy can build a corral for the backyard." I guess she has thought it through.

Her other "dream pet" is a "hamstern." Each time we visit Petsmart, we spend so much time checking out the fish, the birds, the mice, the guinea pigs, and especially the hamsterns. We never leave the store without an impassioned plea to bring a cute hamstern home with us. For Christmas, she asked Santa for a hamstern with a cage. I am anti-hamstern and hamsters, too, for that matter. They are sort of like hairy mice, and I am not a fan of mice. Plus, good Lord, we have SO many other mouths to feed and so much poop to clean up, know what I am saying?

We were at Cracker Barrel the other night eating supper. Jessa and Spencer LOVE the Cracker Barrel because of the shopping. I mean, they eat the food well, too, but the focus of the whole visit is always the shopping. As we were leaving, the kids were bouncing around the store checking out all the cool things and sweet treats. And there they were, Hamsutas.

It is a small battery operated hamster in a plastic ball. It immediately reminded us of Rhino from Bolt (any Bolt fans out there??). We thought they were so cute. The search for our Cracker Barrel prize was over. On the way home, Jessa was so happy and gushing about her new pet, whom she named Rosebud. She was talking to it and so excited! And she uttered these words, "A hamstern! It is just what I have always wanted!"

WHAT?!? If I had known that I could purchase a battery operated hamster in a plastic ball that end the hamstern discussion forever, I would have done that ages ago! I love this "pet;" it doesn't eat, poop, or die. Just replace the batteries as needed. Sold!
Spencer loves his "Bugsy," too, but this is the hamstern Jessa always wanted.
Also note the hair style - she has started fixing it herself. . .
Now I just have to solve the real live pony problem.

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kate said...

Ha ha ha!! That is hilarious. I always wanted a hamstern too -- but was denied.

I'll be on the lookout for a "real live pony" next time I go to Cracker Barrel. Don't worry! ;)