Monday, June 22, 2009

Why I am not unpacked.

I can simplify this whole post and my problem in two words:

They are so over this thing. We have our beds set up, our clothes unpacked, the bathrooms are pretty much set, the kitchen is unpacked. The TVs and computers work. They are happy. They think I should be happy. Who cares that there are still random boxes everywhere. They think it is time for the playground or the zoo. They are over the "boring" unpacking process. And let's face it, we have all been in the various stages and packing and unpacking for almost a year now. . .

If I am working away organizing a room, there is a constant barrage of needs, wants, desires. I want a cookie. I need to go to the bathroom. I desire your undivided attention. If these do not work, they resort to mortal combat. Surely, if they are about to hurt each other, I will have to focus on them, right? Yep. They own me!

There are games to be played, and I hate to always tell them "not right now." So I stop and, I play. From Spencer's new Thomas game

to made up games like "beauty parlor with tools"
Spence may be playing beauty parlor, but at least it is with manly tools!
Polishing nails this way is less messy. . .
Sorry, David. We fixed them back, I promise.
or tea party
and even taking the time to check out a new playground

or ride the carousel during a quick errand.

See?? I am not unreasonable, just VERY anxious to be finished!

So last week, I needed to pick up some things and so we spent a whole day OUT. Some errands were not fun for them, but we spent lots of time in a toy store that had dollhouses and train tables to play with. And they were not surrounded by boxes. They played. They had fun. I even let them BOTH pick out TWO new things! Fun times, right?

Then I took them both to their favorite place, Chuck E. Cheese!
We ate pizza, we played games, we had fun.
I love these cups that make them look like Chuck E!
So I thought, now, I have given them almost an entire day.
Surely now they will be more willing to entertain themselves while I actually accomplish something.
As we were walking in the door from our big, fun day, Jessa was already asking if I would take them to a playground.

I give up!
Is it OK to throw a blanket or table cloth over boxes instead of unpacking them?
Then we could just hit the zoo.
I would make sure the tablecloth matched the room decor, I promise.


Mary said...

I love it! And, yes, boxes can be a part of your decor. In fact, good sturdy boxes can be used as extra seating. In our house, what will be the babies room (guest room right now) has a closet filled with boxes that didn't quite make the unpacking cut. And the changing table, filled with pictures that we could find a place for in this house. I love this post. I can identify on so many levels. I have some extra table cloths if you need them to hide boxes (he he).

Carrie said...

Wish I could come help you!