Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where in the world. . .?

So these days, the globetrotting Matt Lauer and Carmen Sandiego ain't got nothing on my D!

Every morning when the kids wake up they say, where is Daddy? And almost every day my answer is "not here, he is. . ." So I was trying to come up with a way to make this all tangible to them. And I thought of the map idea. We had a big map a while ago with 2 red stars on it, one in GA and one in Iraq. We had it in Jessa's room during David's 2nd deployment. But I wanted something a little more detailed, yet not whole wall size. I went on a hunt.
Bay suggested Office Max. The funniest thing about that was that when we were walking in, Spencer said, "Mommy, where are we?" And I said, "We are at a store called 'Office Max,' Spence." And he looked very puzzled and said, "What about Office Dunken?" Bless his heart! In all the times I thought of Office Max, I never even thought about that it was the same name as our dog! I can't get anything by him!

We found map pins there, but no map. (what's up with that?) So we ended up at a Teacher/School supply store. I did not notice, but the sign also said "TOYS." So we had lots of fun there!! AND I found A MAP! Two maps, actually, a U.S. one and a world one, score! Yay! It is pretty big, but I knew right where I wanted to hang it in the kitchen. When I got home, I measured and it fits.

Now, what to mount it on so that I do not destroy this lovely wall that the government is so graciously allowing me to borrow for a few years? I considered cork board. But I was not sure where to find a big enough piece. Our Bay, always the first one with off-the-wall, but ingenious ideas came up with these foam insulation pieces. He uses them to insulate his storm door in the winter (all because of Queen Abby and the doggie door that must be open for her convenience, even in sub-zero temperatures). So off to Lowe's I go in search of a piece of foam large enough to mount my large world map. How funny was I heading home with a ginormous piece of foam. I could not take a picture, but it was taking up the whole length of my van. It was over the kids' heads AND my head. We were quite a sight!

I glued the map down to the foam with some spray adhesive, and voila, a map board to track David's movements!
We have the U.S. side for all of his stateside trips:
I went ahead and glued the world map on the other side, as we are anticipating some big international trips coming up soon. And for me, the time zones are on the map, so I can keep up with when I can expect a phone call from our traveling man.
J and S take turns putting the pins in:
Notice 2 pins on Washington - twice in 2 and a half weeks.
Imagine that spot in a year. . .
The kiddos are loving keeping up with Daddy as he zooms across the country. And Jessa loves his trips to D.C. because she keeps reminding me, "Mommy, that is where the president lives!"

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