Friday, June 26, 2009


I love having company. And we have a full house right now! YAY!

Mimi and Poppy got here last Saturday for their first visit to the new new house. I was hoping to have it more unpacked, but you know. . . And frankly, Mimi is only watching the kiddos anyway, she wouldn't notice a marching band coming through.

THEN on Wednesday May and my cousin Nikki arrived. We LOVE when Nikki comes to visit. She is my 16 year old cousin who lives in Hawaii, and Jessa thinks they are the same age!! They are really cute together, and Nikki is SO patient with her little cousins who think she hung the moon.

We were sad because our dear friends Roy and Peggy were unable to come. They were also supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but they had a family emergency. They did ask for a rain check, and we granted it without hesitation.

Anyway, there is not too much time for blogging, but I will have many funny stories to share when they are headed back home.

Until then, think of us all together, eating and laughing - 'cause that is what we are doing.
David, Mimi, Dana, Poppy, Spencer, May, Bay, Jessa, Nikki

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