Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

I am a daddy's girl! Someone commented to me the other day that they thought it was cute that I still call my father "Daddy." That's Southern, right? All I know is that he is my Daddy! And Lucas has always complained that he does more for me than he ever did for him because I always ask him in my best whiny Daddy voice. That is crazy, though, Daddy definitely does not play favorites (at least I do not think so. . .). Whatever the case, I am a Daddy's girl and proud of it!

And now I am loving watching my Daddy be an awesome Bay to Jessa and Spencer. If I have Daddy wrapped around my finger, Jessa has him around her whole arm!
What a good BAY!

And then there is David, the father of my babies. I am so happy that he is their Daddy! He is a great father to them, and they love him very much. Of course, with all his traveling, they sometimes want me. BUT when the chips are down, they love hanging out with their silly Daddy. I think that it has something to do with the fact that he is about as grown up as they are! Toot jokes crack him up just as much as they crack up Jessa and Spencer. . .

I am also lucky enough this father's day to have not only My Daddy, and the Daddy of my Babies, but my Poppy ALL here with me! How cool is that?! Poppy is an extra special grandfather, too. He is the only one David and I have left. . . AND he is an expert at fixing things and tools, so he very handy to have around! And he is an Engineer, so it is always done right.

We are all going to church this morning to see the VBS kids sing their little hearts out. Then we will be having a special brunch at the Scott Club. I am so excited! How lucky am I?!

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers and all the Daddys!

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Mary said...

You are VERY lucky! What a sweet post.