Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The fish who Lived.

Remember how the Harry Potter Series began? You know, the boy who lived? Well, our little Hannah Montana Fish is still swimming, so I am calling her the fish who lived . I was worried for a while. After the unprovoked attack on this innocent littler water breather by the evil Lord Stewart-mort, things did not look good. Her color was bad. She was not eating. She was staying at the bottom of her tank under her turtle all the time. I was so sure that despite the quick thinking of sweet David, the shock of the incident was just too much for her.

This weekend, I changed the water in both of their tanks. They both needed clean water, but I was REALLY worried about that. Sometimes that can be shocking for them. But after their water was all clean, David put their tanks back in the proper place (since the incident they have been on top of the fridge for safety). Well, I think she is feeling better because she is swimming around like she used to. She is eating. Wow! I was preparing the speech in my head to tell Jessa what happened without implicating Lord Stewart-mort. I did not want Jessa to be mad at him.

So despite the bored, lonely, murderous Lord Stewart-mort, Hannah Montana will live to swim another day. . .
Doesn't she look good? No lighting bolt shaped scar, but we are so happy she is feeling better!
And Lord Stewart-mort is back to ignoring the fish now that there are other things to occupy him in the house. Tragedy averted.

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Carrie said...

I love your stories Dana! I'm glad Hannah Montana feels better!