Friday, August 21, 2009

THE BIG K: part 2 (bus)

Once she woke up good, I could barely get Jessa to eat this morning. Once the big kids bus left, she wanted to RUN across the street to the bus stop. I am THRILLED that the bus stop is directly across the street from our house. This makes it easier for me to honor her request to not embarrass her. My instructions were,"Mommy, you just stay on your side of the street, OK?" She wanted me inside the house, but I could not do that! Then she decided outside was alright, as long as I stayed on the front porch. I did stay on my side of the street, but the kid's gotta cut me some slack!

David missed his first morning meeting today to be here for the bus. He has been a lot more sentimental about all of this than I thought he would. I think he is just so thankful that he is actually here for some important days. So often, he is not. And we are both very aware of all of our friends who are deployed right now and missing first days with their children.

She said I could take a picture of her BUT only from my side of the street.

I made her pose with her Daddy and you can see that she was NOT happy about it.

She enjoyed her bus stop visiting time immensely. She also chatted her head off with the kids AND the other parents who were actually allowed to be at the bus stop.

She did holler at us across the street several times. She wanted a sweater. It was in the silly girl's backpack the whole time, but I was glad to be allowed to run across and show it to her. That was the only chance I had to steal a hug. . . And I left Spencer in the bed, but he wandered outside. When she saw him, she ran across the street to give him a kiss (like I needed another excuse to get all choked up).

And then it happened.
The bus was here.

She climbed on and searched for a seat for at least 27 minutes.

David made fun of me for taking pictures because the windows are tinted. But it is her. Can't you see her profile?
Seriously, the second she finally sat down, the bus pulled away.

I resisted the STRONG urge to climb on the bus and explain to the bus driver that he was carrying precious cargo. I figure he already knows that, right?

I did not cry until David, Spencer, and I saw the bus pull away and were walking in the house. David never knows what to do with me when I cry. I am OK, though. I really am. She is a big girl. I am proud she is so independent and confident. I am excited for her because I love seeing the world through her eyes. And boy is her world exciting right now. She is going to have so much fun. She is going to make so many new friends. See, I am OK.

Is it 3:00 yet?


Mary said...

I am in tears! Praying that the days goes smoothly for Mama and Jessa. I know you can't wait to get her off the bus this afternoon and hear all about her big day.

kate said...

Awww...Dana, you are such a good mama!! I love these pics and your blogs about the first day! Makes me excited to be a mom! :)