Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Jessa is always a little crazy, right??

We got a sandbox for our wee backyard. David was making fun of me because he said I was trying to put too much out there. Hello?! I mean, there are some things we just need to have. And to keep me from having to walk to a playground several times a day to allow them to have some sand time, I am all for the cute turtle sandbox.

We got shortly after we got here and got settled. It has worked out nicely for them to have a place to play that does not require my constant supervision. It even has a cover to keep out bugs - which is the worst thing J or S can find in a sand box. They saw one ant in their sand box at Ft. Stewart, and it was weeks before I could coax them back into it. They remember things.

I must pause to brag. I carried all the sand myself. It was really heavy! But I, wait, I mean they needed the sand box, and David was not home.

So the other night Daddy, David, and I were finishing up supper, cleaning up the kitchen, and just sort of talking. Jessa and Spencer were out back playing. Then Jessa walks into the kitchen with a big grin on her face. She invited us to come and see the garden she just planted in the sand box. So we complied, and this is the garden we saw:

I swear, I am always fascinated by her crazy ideas and creative imagination! Not sure what this is all about, but she was quite proud of herself. And I think it is a rather low maintenance crop, don't you?

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Jason and Amy said...

I think I could even manage to maintain that kind of garden! :)