Saturday, August 15, 2009

SMOOTH talker

Daddy live on the other side of base from us. And he has a new neighbor with twin 2 year old boys. Yikes! You want to talk energy to spare? Jessa loves playing with these boys. Spencer likes it OK, too, but he is not quite as up to speed. And at times, the boys lose patience with him. So far, Jessa is still in tune with her brother, and frankly, Spencer stands up for himself pretty well.

One of these boys is a SMOOTH talker, oh my!
The first day we met them, we were all at a concert on the parade field: lots of food and fun and awesome music. Jessa was busy running here and there with her new friends.

At one point, they were sitting on our quilt taking a break from all the running. Jessa went over to the food table and got a couple of bags of mini Oreos. When she got back to our spot, she noticed that Spencer already had a bag, so she gave the extra bag to one of the twins. This is when I realized that you can use pick up lines when you are 6.

J: here you go.
Boy: are these for me?
J: Yeah.
Boy: You are the sweetest girl I have EVER met.
J: (nothing)
Boy: We used to live in North America before we moved here. And when we were in North America, I knew this girl. I really loved her A LOT. And when we played, I was the Prince and she was the Princess. Then we had to move, so now I do not have anyone to be the Princess. Would you like to play with me and be the Princess?
J: OK.
I am thinking: OH MY GOOD LORD! This 6 year old is putting the moves on my 5 year old!

He also likes to touch her hair when they are talking. Luckily, this far, Jessa is not really impressed with his "moves." And more often than not, he is chasing her not the other way around. And I am proud to say, many times, she outruns him. I think I speak for her Daddy and her Bay, too when I say: keep running Jessa!


Jason and Amy said...

OH MY! Too funny! Those boys start younger and younger. Good thing Jessa is still sweet and innocent! Stay that way Jessa!!!

Another thing to note...boys start talking big at a young age...and they don't even know what they are talking about. That poor boy didn't only USED to live in North America...he still DOES! haha!

kate said...

Ha! This makes me laugh! :)