Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet chatter

I love to hear the kids when they do not know I am listening. I love to hear how Jessa explains things to Spencer. I love the way that he takes her at her word. He never questions her. She is after all, his hero and the supreme authority on well, everything.

I also love to just chat with them and hear what their answers are, to hear what they really think about. Here are some recent sweet and funny things that have been discussed.

One night, we were walking the dogs. This has become a nightly routine. It is good for Max to get some practice at this new dog behavior that he never participated in before. We always see cool things like rabbits or toads or other dogs or lots of stars.

At one point Jess and Spence were walking behind me, chatting along together.
J: Do you see that star?
S: Yeah.
J: It is a bright wishing star.
S: It is?? (with amazement in his voice)
J: Yep, you can make a wish.
S: I can?
J: Sure, go ahead.
So sweet.

Then Jessa ended up ahead of us. Spence, the dogs, and I were together. He said, "Look, Mom, a plane!" Even though we live in the middle of 2 airports and on an Air Force Base, planes are still very exciting. And Jessa is usually positive that airplanes are shooting stars, so I love when he KNOWS it is a plane. I said, "You are right, buddy. Where do you think it is going?"
He kept staring up at the sky and thinking as he answered me. "It could be going to Ft. Stewart. Or maybe to Ft. Georgia. Or maybe to Ft. Atlanta to see May. Or maybe it is just coming here to Scott, Illinois. Or just Illinois or sumpin'." (one of my favorite things that he says is "or something (sumpin')" at the end of many of his statements or questions.)

The other afternoon, Spencer drew a picture of himself and was showing it to me. He said, "Mommy, this is me. But I am going to get taller. And when I am bigger and taller, I am going to get a mustache." I thought I would die! A mustache! He does not even know anyone with a mustache!

One night at supper, we were having spaghetti. (aka pesciti - I love when kids call it that!!) And Jessa asked for some Parmesan cheese. She sprinkled it on her plate. Spencer noticed this and said, "Hey, I want some papajohn cheese, too!" Jessa started to correct him, but we convinced her just to let him call it that. It is much cuter, don't you think?

Jessa, like many kids is obsessed with her birthday. She starts planning her next party just after she finishes the last one. She used to just try to decide the theme, My little pony, Batman, Tinkerbell, Princesses, and others were batted around off and on. NOW, she has gotten more sophisticated, and she is searching for the perfect location. Apparently our house is no longer good enough! Currently, she wants a party at the movie theater (a private screening), at Olive Garden (she saw the cute chocolate cake), a Mexican restaurant (gotta love the sombrero), Monkey Joe's (nothing says party like inflatables), and there have been more, but I am at a loss. So last night, David said, "Don't you want to have a party at my favorite BBQ place?" And she looked at him and said (with appropriate hand gestures), "No, Daddy, that place is too piggy, I need a place with more, you know, Pizazz!" Alrighty then.

Last one. Spencer is taking a big bite of a nice cold green granny smith apple. Green apples are our favorite. He says to me, "Mommy, people who eat red apples die. They die because they have poison in them." Maybe this explains why he prefers green. He is not taking any chances with those red ones!

These are two of my most favorite faces - ever


kate said...

SUCH cute stories!! I especially loved the last two stories...that's hilarious!

Aunt Barb said...

Thanks so much for sharing these precious moments. You always make me laugh and often make me cry just at the sweetness of this time of life.....mothering small children can be challenging, sometimes exasperating and/or exhausting.......but mostly, if you are paying attention to the right is sweet and joyful! More stories, PLEASE!!